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I'm Omma to my just-turned-one-year-old, and Mummy/Mum/Mama/Omma/Kimberly to my almost-four-year-old. I'm okay with any of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lollybrat So from my perspective, I think it's strange that you seem to consider having a child placed with you or even the finalization of the adoption to be the end of the adoption journey. Good point. I read "journey" as "from time we started thinking about adoption to the time we received our child" but the process is continual, at least it seems so in our house. It's been well over a year since DS first started...
This is one of my "would run back into a burning building to save" cookbooks. The pumpkin baked ziti with carmelized onions is a family favourite, and I use the cashew ricotta to stuff pasta shells and calzones. Or I just eat it with a spoon. It's that good.
DH and I attended an information session hosted by the agency in January 2005, began our homestudy in May, received Ministry approval in September, jumped for joy to get our referral in November and traveled in February 2006 to bring Adam home (who was six months old) from Korea. With Leah, we began the homestudy in April 2008, received Ministry approval in October, had our referral in March 2009 and traveled in May to bring her home (who was nine months old), also from...
DS (almost 4) really enjoys listening to his mp3 player (both music and stories), which has been a lifesaver during DD's naps. I've also let him play on the computer and I've set him up his own playlist on YouTube of little videos he's allowed to watch (mostly old Schoolhouse Rock ones).
I'm participating; so far, so good. It's nice to have some motivation to cook outside of my standard fare.
The regular bulk food stores around here sell it (Bulk Barn in my case), but the grocery store doesn't.
I got a 4 (thankfully, since I'm a graphic designer by trade, and colour is important!).
Tonight, we're having a simple pasta with zucchini, sweet peppers, mushrooms and kalamata olives tossed with olive oil and diced tomatoes.
I've always said it with a hard "g", but now that I look at it, that seems wrong. Eh, I'll probably go back and forth, now that I've thought about it.
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