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he NEEDS to touch his nose... he has to make sure is there. he says he helps mommy to pee faster by doing a "psss" sound everytime i say im going to the restroom. he hates McDonald's with a passion and everything tht has to do with hamburgers he thinks soda is a drink for "mommies and daddies" he seems to be the only toddler that can do the sign of the cross... kinda if he doesnt wear something that has green on it... it's not right.
Hi long haired mammas!!! I have always used my hair long, as a kid my hair was curly and blonde, so my mom was not going to cut it lol Now my hair is wavy, long and i'm LOVING IT!!! I don't use much on my hair, but I love accesories and I also like braiding my hair to the side. It's around 2 inches above my elbows.
Quote: Originally Posted by blissful_maia : : LOL Hello!!! I'm 20 and I'm mamma to my very hippie 21 month old baby lol Well he has a hippie mommy what can you expect???? I had a beautiful water birth and I'm looking forward to repeat that beautiful experience with a 2nd child, when I get pregnant. I just got married in August and DH and I are planning to have another baby soon and that's it. I don't know what is birth control lol...
DS has the G and K sound, we're having problems with the R sound, he uses a Y instead.
Hi there!! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 20 year old SAHM to my beautiful "almost two" baby boy. :
Hi!! I don't live in Colorado at the moment, but i'm in the process of convincing DH to move to Boulder. I miss home
Sarah McLachlan is my girl, my favorite songs by her are Fallen and Answer. I also love Amy Lee, Sharon den Adel(Within temptation), Regina Spektor. Watch out with Regina's song Fidelity. VERY catchy
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