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Quote: Originally Posted by ~gilli~ Dude...it's only a cookie. Chill. : EnviroDad had a really immature reaction, it was just a cookie.
I didn't grew up in a big big city and now we live in one. DH was raised in a small rural area of France. That's one of my biggest dreams, raising DS in a rural area in a foreign country, it wasn't until DH started to tell me all the precious memories from his childhood... But that's never going to happen so I better get used to the idea that we are staying here for a long long time. We live in a nice area of the city, not really in the suburbs but it's pretty neat The...
DS is a little older than yours. But when he was that age, DH overreacted about him playing in the kitchen, he totally hated the idea. But I spend most of the day there, I'm always cooking or baking. DH used to tell me that DS could get hurt, but the cabinet where I put the knives is high and DS can't reach there. So I'm ok with him playing there. But why would your DH said he doesn't want you DS to play with the pans, etc??? I think that's awkward.
The Beatles, they are gods : I also adore The Doors and The Rolling Stones, you know old school and many many others, i'll probably bore you with them lol but the music of today makes me nuts, those teenage girls are being brain washed by disney chanel. I mean the Jonas Brothers are a joke, and they compare them to the Beatles Poor John Lennon, how he must be feeling with that comparison??
Quote: but I'd love to go back for a day to the 1960-1970's as I am fascinated by that era. I love the music and the history you are my long lost sister me too but I was born in 1988 instead lol
Hello mammas, i'm starting to feel the love: rainbowmoon, Heck and I want to get out. It's getting too hot outside, sometimes I think I'm going to die of dehydration, I'm originally from Boulder Co, and they are enjoying a nice summer weather over there. Can't wait to go. I miss the snow during the winter, and the nice scenery. But I get out of my house and see huge building all around me... Guess I wasn't born for the big city, but well, I like it here anyway. It has...
Welcome me im new Hellooooooooooo So I don't know what to tell you mammas. I'm boring, so I guess I need you to ask me questions, ´cause I can't think of what to say hmmmm yea I noticed that I was registered to MDC today while checking my email, I'm such a bad person, I totally forgot about it
A 2002 Cadillac CTS, its my first car so I dont plan to sell it for sometime, she's my baby Dh drives a 2005 Lincoln Aviator and sitting in our garage there's a 2008 Altima Coupe, We should sell it, I mean we barely use it and I dont understand why DH bought it in the first place: Im selling it behind his back All of them were bought new.
Chocolate Fudge brownie :
no, ignorance is bliss
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