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i've always been a picky eater, and i'm not over it yet.I dont think i'll get over it just ask his parents what he likes. When I visited or when I had someone taking care of me. My mom will prepeare my lunch at home becuase that was the only way to get me to eat.
I have thought a lot about this. I mean, I'm going to die one day. I may be young but im not the healthiest person around. My dad has a good job and he's a very healthy man and he's not old either. He's 50. And my mom will stay at home with DS. I trust them. My siblings will make a good job too, but they live out of the state. My brother has 5 children and Sil is due March. My sister lives in Wyoming and she has 2 kids of her own. And Dh's family lives in Europe, so...
i'll only call the cps becuase of the abuse... the rest, is none of you business, imo. I think we should get all the parents that give their kids fastfood
Quote: Originally Posted by angelpie545 Wow. Talk about things being blown out of proportion. Most kids chase, hug, and kiss each other for fun. It's normal, age-appropriate behavior. Not that it's okay to kiss and hug when the other person doesn't want it, but overall, if it's mutual, it's not something that needs to be punished severely. It's good when boys and girls play together, in fact, IMO, essential. Their interactions and the way adults...
Ds will eat everything. Actually I will not list what he likes but what he doesnt like: hamburgers hotdogs soda juice
Quote: Originally Posted by Amylcd I'm seriously shocked! She didn't say please?!? Ok, so why did he HIT her? This behavior does not sound "adorable" to me, but rather, very mean. (especially the "she didn't say please" part). :
In my case, our family doctor introduced me to Ap, co sleeping, extended breasfeeding, and she's against vaccinations. I was clueless about babies when ds was born and she gave me a lot advice. So my vote is "yes" but just with her not with other doctors.I dont like unsolicited advice, especially by people that are not parents:
Quote: Originally Posted by Mamato3wild ponnie Wow that's some strong opinion there...we are living in MX right now as i speak. Yes the government is all to hell and back...but...VAX is not mandatory, you do what ever is right for your family here. There is no one walking around pounding you if you dont vax your kids....we homeschool. Half the kids running around outside dont even go to school...so no one really cares what you do with your kids at home...
That's the cause. You have to go there and see things for yourself. The government is not the best either, the Political party is ruining the country as well. Calderon(the mexican president) is just another idiot. If you're against vaccinations, well forget about it, its mandatory there. The good schools are the private schools and homeschooling is illegal as far as I know. And other things that you can get here easily.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna I would love to live in Mexico. I'm sorry to say this but you dont know what you're saying Sure some areas of Mexico are beautiful. My mom is Mexican(moved here asa child). Why do you wonder so many mexicans come here? We went there this summer, the first time in years. And I'm telling you, I didnt had a good experience. Everything is way different, and yea I encountered racism, not to mention the verbal...
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