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DS is a mixture of DH and I. He has my nose, lips, eye shape, forehead(or the lack of lol), freckles and our feet are virtually identical lol and he got DH's eye color(blue), body complexion, ears (thankyou jesus lol),chin and hands. He's pale and he has platinum blond hair. But his seems to be wavy while mine was VERY curly. DH and I both had platinum blonde hair as kids. DH says he wants a little girl that looks like me, oh no poor kid
Quote: Originally Posted by Arwyn I was on the phone with my sister when I told Naked Baby "Don't bite my mole!" She thought it was the funniest thing ever. "yes sweetheart penises look like sausages, but they're not eatable" "no baby, you cant touch other mommy's boobies" "yes, boys pee up and girls don't" as you can see, ds has a lot of curiosity for the male and female anatomy
i'm obsessed with this song DH says that its emo: and im obsessed with the old Maroon5 cd, Songs about Jane what happened to them? they rocked...
: we went to denny's (yea yea but i love it lol) today, and he had some pancakes and he kept saying "leon loves pa-keys, leon loves pa-keys" also, he called the waitress "miss pa-keys" awww, our toddlers rock!!
knowing him, he'll probably be way too upset, i hope... i would like my parents to move in our house, they will take care of DS while DH is working. What worries me is the physical aspect not the material aspect of it. I've read a lot of material on child grieving and it's just
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride Wow - the girl in that first clip actually has a missing tooth. I don't think the parents let that happen, anymore. Honestly, Aleo...if you enjoyed pageants, I'm glad. I just find the whole idea of pageants kind of stomach-turning, even for adults. For kids...just so gross to me. yea, but i mean it bugs me that people think we turn out to be hookers as teenagers. when i was in highschool they asked me...
everything changes, including pageantry. compare: JonBenet Ramsey circa 1996 she participated in glitz pageants glitz pageants of today see the difference??? some people think that all of us turn out to be hookers: maybe some do. i dont care if some people think that im not pretty, i dont give a crap... i dont feel the most gorgeous creature of the planet.
naughty!! womanizer(britney spears) was a hit with DH last week:
Nah, she's not the only one... weirdo familiy here too!!! i have small nieces and nephews, and none of them has a DS or any gaming system. they rather play outside and get dirty we have a Wii, little ds is too young to play and he says its only for mommies and daddies we have Call of Duty 3 for wii and it's not kid friendly
DS is 22 months old . He started at 16 months, he tells me when he wants to pee. But he wants me to stay there. He has to make sure he has it right. He's been pooping by himself since December... it's nice not to wash diapers anymore
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