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Quote: Originally Posted by Nursingmama05 and baby !!! And why do you feel old today? I hope when you're ready you can pursue school if you're still interested! Send all the baby dust you can my way: i don't know why i feel old, it may be the fact that DH is 37(about to turn 38) and all of ours friends are his age or older??? I dont have a lot of contact with other people my age. Except for my childhood friends that visit me often, but they're...
I read around 45 minutes a day...
my friend just had her baby today i dont even know if i'm o'ing, im so depressed. dh tells me to have faith, but it's sooo hard!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife I think you need 50 posts and 60 days membership to get into the extra forums. why do you crash my dreams??? :nana:
Quote: Originally Posted by blissful_maia I will be about 24 weeks into pregnancy #3 when I graduate. im happy for you though, baby #3!! sigh... i want to go to law school, but im not sure. i dont want to worry about it right know though.
Don't hide your emotions mama. DS gets upset though, he tells me not to cry, usually i explain to him that i was just feeling sad and that it's normal to feel sad and that i'll be ok soon...
i feel old for a reason today, but i ask dh how old he is and he makes me feel better :nana: i want to go back to school, but DS is too young and I want to have another baby. we're TTC'ing at the moment and so far...
i'm so sorry mama.
It looks gorgeous!!! We have most of the pixar films in dvd, DS is obsessed with Finding Nemo right now. They also have Toy Story 3, coming out next year:
:: don't you just love those moments mamma??? :: this reminds me of this song
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