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I was a refugee from HipMama way back when.  DD is almost 13 now, and she was a baby then.     I don't post much any more, but I still pop in to read pretty regularly.  
Hi, my daughter is switching to a new middle school for seventh grade and will be with kids who have studied Spanish since K.  She had some French from K-5 but not Spanish, and I want to help her catch up.  Do any of you have recommendations for a Spanish curriculum that she and I could do at home over the summer?     Thanks!
I was held at gunpoint in the Syrian desert once.  This was long before the civil war.     I spent time in the Siwa Oasis in Egypt.  It was the most beautiful and amazing place I've ever seen.     I've eaten squirrel.  Tastes like chicken.  Really.  
I'm here waiting with you. I've watched the first three seasons on demand over and over. I'm so excited that there's a new season starting.
Quote: Originally Posted by BetsyS I don't eat cereal or sandwiches (well, occasionally for a picnic, but that's it), either. I just consider myself picky, not spoiled. But, I'm also the cook in the family, so it doesn't really matter to anyone but me. I think the difference is that you cook your three non-sandwich, non-cereal meals yourself. I got the impression that the husband referred to expects three hot meals to appear conveniently in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pinoikoi I don't know but it seems like an upside down/knocked over thermos would make a big mess over there. DD takes a thermos as part of her lunch almost every day. Usually it's hot pasta, but sometimes it's soup, rice pancakes, or leftover stew. We've never had a problem with spills. The lid seals tightly and is easy to put on correctly, even for a 1st grader. Using the thermos makes it incredibly easy to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Youngfrankenstein I just don't feel like the assistant dean and his wife should be serving "drinks" for trick or treat. Obviously they were only for adults, but I just wondered if anyone else thought this felt inappropriate? I don't think that it's inappropriate at all, and I don't see how his job makes a difference. Why would it?
Quote: Originally Posted by vegemamato Hey Ruthla I guess by cm, I meant more of sticky/pasty rather than the typical EWCM that I used to get.. it could still be fertile, but that paired with withdrawl (very little sperm, if any) makes it seem unlikely that we would've concieved. I'm also wanting to know because I *like* to have a drink with dinner, but have been holding off. I also drink a lot of 'nursing' tea that (I think) isn't safe during...
IIRC, Bitty Babies are 16 each dolls. In my experience, preemie clothes fit but can be a touch big.
Quote: Originally Posted by neverdoingitagain She got upset and horrified over "slaughterhouse"? Well, I guess I should be happy that she doesn't teach my dd, who has recently been discussing eggs and sperm with her kindergarten friends. (I'm just waiting for the teacher to take me aside ) Last year in second grade, dd shouted out, "how do you spell 'vagina'!" in the middle of a writing assignment. The teacher was a bit flustered but...
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