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For what it's worth, I make my hummus in my blender.    Valencia peanuts are said to have a built-in resistance to aflatoxins. There has been little to no testing, however, to my knowledge, to that end. However, we are peanut butter addicts in my house so I cannot give it up entirely. I just alternate other nut butters on occasion.  
  Agreed on the hummus, and here's why I won't buy anything other than organic Valencia peanut butter: http://homesteepedhope.com/2010/03/09/toxic-peanut-butter/   Also ... meat.    I swore off factory-raised meat years ago. If I don't know (and respect the methods of) a farmer who raises it, I don't buy it.     
I would definitely count canning & freezing somehow, but you make good points & confirmed my suspicions. Thanks for the input!
You know, that is such an excellent point. I am probably experiencing major cabin fever on top of everything else. I take the kids somewhere every morning, but for the past few months it's always been somewhere INDOORS. Ugh.
I've reached yet another stage of parenting where I'm needing support, I guess.   I am a maid. I feel like all I do is clean. The 3 yo stopped using the potty & poops in his pants. The two of them enable each other in bad habits like spitting their water/milk all over the floor or table. They dump all their toys, pull books from the shelves, rearrange furniture.   I am a slave. The 3 yo is, as is appropriate for this age, testing me at every turn. Defiant as a...
Are the two compatible? I am far from converting 100% to a raw food diet, but I have begun studying it a bit & would like to incorporate some of its concepts into my own daily food preparation.   I'm very committed to organic, local agriculture & tend to try to eat only what is in season in my area, but it seems that if I were to consider 100% raw, it might be tough to uphold this conviction.   Thoughts?
He is, actually, pretty good at helping me clean up. I instilled this very early on. He always helped clean up at least one thing, even if it was just putting a few blocks back in their basket. I dare say, some days I think he does so he CAN clean. But that thought demands a whole separate thread. 
I put a few things away. We are a bibliophile family, and books are everywhere in the house. I wouldn't even know where to begin to store those away. My mother-in-law hits the church used book sale, so every month she arrives with a new big box of books. Which is wonderful, don't get me wrong, but it makes trimming down difficult. (I also run a story-time in our community, so they are helpful in that capacity, too.)   I'll have to check out this book. I've never heard of...
  This is how I think of it, too. He seems to need a little jumping off point to get going. Thanks for this input.   RE: Lighting the fire. I do this. It is, indeed, effective for a little while. Eventually it always ends in dumping though. But it's definitely worse when they go down there on their own.
"Any chance that he is getting overstimulated by all the toys/books/options?"   Animals, cars, kitchen, blocks, musical instruments, puzzles. I tend to think this isn't a ton of stuff, because I am extremely conscious of limiting their toys. But maybe it is. I'll experiment a bit. The only challenge here is that the 16-month-old LOVES toys & is very good about playing. So they are very different in this way.   "One of the things that I occasionally trip on about...
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