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I am so, so terribly sorry. Nobody should ever have to lose a child. I am so, so sorry.   When you are ready, please go to http://www.glowinthewoods.com Glow in the woods. There are other people there who have lost children and know what you are going through.    
Keep offering healthy alternatives. Throw some blueberries in with the cheerios. Have bananas and carrot sticks and pepper spears at the ready. It's really important for her long term physical and emotional growth to NOT make a big deal about food but instead to ensure she eats healthy and that there's no emotional issues surrounding her eating.
One more thing. You have nothing to feel guilty about. You are setting a boundary to protect yourself. Imagine if a perfect stranger was calling you, pestering you, wouldn't leave you alone. How would you react? You'd freak out. Now, this man has already weaseled inside your boundaries, but that doesn't mean he has to stay there. Treat him exactly as you'd treat a perfect stranger who violated your boundaries. Tell him to take a hike and that if he doesn't take the hint...
It's not terribly surprising that he sucked you in again.  He's a master, master manipulator, and you are someone who does not like to displease or rock the boat, and he knows that, and he is using it to prey on you.   You need to take a step back and look at it from a different perspective. If you were an outsider reading this thread, what would you think? What would your advice be?   I know it's harder to be a hardass than it sounds. But really all it takes to...
You have dumped and blocked him on FB, deleted his phone number and blocked his incoming calls, yes? Because I know his type. He doesn't want to take "no" for an answer when it is not on his terms. The only way he feels validated in his life at all is by making others feel awful. And you were caught in the vortex. I know his type. He is a predator. You need to take a step back when you think about this relationship and realize that it was not a relationship, it was a...
If there's no order, I wouldn't be flexible whatsoever. If he was an hour or two away sure, but 8 hours? No way.  He can come to you.   However, keep a record of *everything* just in case he decides to take it to court down the road.
I'm sorry Frugalmum. This must be really difficult.   However, your post sends up some *serious* red flags for me. The acting out in violent ways plus the flirtation and sexual talk.. those are symptoms of something much more serious than simple rebellion. Your daughter needs intervention by a professional, and right now.
My best labour tip: Stay home as long as possible. Then you get mobility, food, and comfort. Once you get to the hospital they get kind of control freaky.
I was gonna say, there is no way you should be allowing him to move in. It would be so utterly disruptive to your daughter and your ex, especially if the baby's father is unreliable and flaky. He needs to stand on his own two feet for a while, otherwise you'll be setting a precedent of carrying him that will not end anytime soon.
I would actually wager it's not the nap transition, but rather teething that's causing the issues. My DD was the same, and it was a nightmare. Either some tylenol (if you're down with that) or a couple of weeks will probably show a very different outcome. It's so hard, though. Ugh.
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