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I would not. I watched my mother devote herself to her family for thirty years until my dad left her for another woman. Instead of putting my father through college and then staying home I wished she had gone to school herself and had a career of her own. Watching her struggle financially breaks my heart. Above all I have stressed that my kids need to be able to support themselves and be independent
Thanks. I did not see a kids tom's but if it's not at the trader joe's I will ask them to start carrying it.
We've recently decided to go flouride free and I have some questions: I have two 8-year-old boys. They do not like the Tom's flouride free toothpaste because they are used to the tasty kids brands. I got them the toddler orajel toothpaste that is flouride free. Is the toddler brand giving my boys what they need, or should I push the adult flouride free toothpaste on them? My boys have a dental visit coming up in June. I am nervous about telling the dentist that I do...
My boys came home with a plethora of boy scout materials, pamplets and stickers and lists of fun activities! They were so upset when I said they could not join and I was so upset that this group was allowed to push themselves on my kids when they have such discriminatory policies. My oldest child is special needs and I had to call early the next morning to let his teacher and special ed teacher know that he was coming to school upset and why. I did not push it any farther,...
I am a teacher for medically fragile students and I'm getting my masters in autism. However I have a deaf/blind students who I just love working with. I have a team of specialists helping me set up programming and I find the whole thing just facinating. So if I had limitless cash and time I would get a Phd in deaf/blind studies.
Very interesting info. I was also on a low fat vegetarian diet for years. When we adopted the boys I started reading about ADHD and nutrition, and everything I read recommended a high protein low sugar diet (go figure!) I am still getting used to meats again. Honestly, I still have a lot of guilt over eating them, and I don't order meat in restaurants because I know that meat is factory farmed. I do eat lots of eggs and organic butter. I don't do the milk because I...
I am a special ed teacher. DH only works part time so if he is home, I usually choose to stay after work and get my paperwork done at school rather than lugging it home. I prefer to have some line between work and home, so when I get home I can play with my boys instead of shooing them away while I'm at the computer. When I do get the idea to work after they go to bed, I usually fall asleep before its done anyway.
We do have black tea in the house I could switch to. I guess I am just afraid of getting that withdrawl headache. I will try it this weekend before going back to work. If I can't handle it I'll order the half decaf half regular shown. "The Garden of Fertility" sounds great, I'll try to do an interlibrary loan on it. Thanks all!
Pickles are going to be my first try at fermented vegetables because my youngest loves them. You all make it sound like a fun adventure!
Thanks for your help. The doctor said to switch my to half decaff half regular for coffee to avoid so much withdrawls, but I have yet to find organic coffee that is half decaff and half regular. I do drink tea at night. I don't have low projesterine, estrogen, etc. I was checked for all that. Tomorrow is shopping day and I make a go at getting ingredients to make fermented veggies with. Thanks!
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