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Can so relate to this post CuddleBugsMama! My sensitive, anxious girl is only 3, and I would do anything to help her avoid the social anxiety I have, if I could just get out of my own way! I'd love to find a group of friendly introverts who support each other in my area.I've met moms and their kids at parks and such who seem nice enough, but haven't worked up the nerve yet to invite them over. Our home is tidy but needs lots of repairs. How do you guys model...
wow, at 4 weeks 3 days my hcg was 102...thankfully my RE never freaked me out - just had me come in a few days later for another beta. Now I'm 20 weeks and baby is wiggling away right now. besides, even if hcg were too low, I don't think bedrest would help at all. did she check your progesterone too? I would call and see what that was...but even then, I don't think bedrest would be necessary, just suppositories. Hope all is well with your little one!!!
Thanks Mrs_Coffee! I spoke to Sherri a few days ago - she sounded awesome! When are you expecting your little one to arrive? I'm not due until June - Sherri said to call her back in a few weeks once I'm a little further along.
I am very scared too and I regret telling everyone as soon as I found out. My RE and nurse don't seem concerned but my low betas have me really worried. I appreciate the excellent advice in this thread. I plan on spending less time worrying and googling and more time listening to music/guided meditations and relaxing. Love this thread!
Email just sent. I will keep that question in mind...I appreciate your help!
Quote: Originally Posted by kbcain I haven't called my Dr.'s office yet- I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow. I don't really want to bother with my HCG numbers because I can't control them either way...I'd rather just let my body naturally follow the course of pregnancy. Kbcain, I think you have the right idea...I had my beta drawn on Monday and it was only 41 at 14dpo. The nurse was sure not to worry me and said it's only the baseline and we'll see...
Congrats to you! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months.
Definitely see it! Congrats!!!
I too take New Chapter Perfect Prenatals and love them - started taking them while ttc. I also take 1 baby aspirin, extra calcium and flax oil. Sihaya, can I get that link too? Prenatals are so expensive.
Congratulations to you too Ambystoma! I just left a message for Emmy, and will email Anne too!
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