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I had similar feelings about having another after my first birth didn't go to plan (breech, failed EC , failed every alternative turning method. cs in early labor). Second pregnancy was healthy, head down all the way, planned home birth...turned ambulance transfer and cs under general anesthesia for an abrupt ion in early labor. Worse than the first by all accounts, birth wise. Still a great person to have in our family, a wonderful daughter, now 8. The birth doesn't make...
Babies love "so big" and peekaboo and other repetitive, predictable games. It helps them learn about reciprocal interaction. It is textbook child development, perfectly loving and caring and fun. You are too much in your head over this. Relax. 
At this point my participation is mostly limited to decreasing the echo in the echo chamber if I think there's a chance that I can. Given all that I have seen.     
I've watched a mother die a brutal, slow-motion excruciating death from untreated breast cancer while being cheered on here for bucking the mainstream and using the Law of Attraction. I've seen a 3 year old and her mother die of untreated AIDS after being celebrated in Mothering mag for sticking it to The Man. I've seen too many babies to count die preventable deaths because their mothers were following what passes for medical advice (trust your intuition!) here. I've...
One last bump!
Bump! I would love to get more input since the discussion is still ongoing. Take a second and click!
Calm, what is the resting membrane potential of a normal human cell? How about an intestinal epithelial cell?     
As I said in the OP, it was designed to see what other people, especially those who aren't writing out their thoughts, might be thinking. Sometimes one or two very passionate and persistent people, on any side of an issue, can obscure what the real consensus is. 
Yes, I am aware that rye, barley and non-GF oats contain gluten. Thanks for your concern.  But wheat was the major "hidden ingredient" in stuff like "hydrolyzed vegetable protein" or "food starch," and now it has to be labeled as "food starch (wheat)" if that is what it's made from. So that makes things somewhat simpler than they were in the past.
Sure, I'm aware of several ways that leukocytes can deploy oxidants selectively against pathogens and virally infected cells. Like for one example: Neutrophils will phagocytose pathogenic bacteria, phagosome fuses with lysosome, respiratory burst produces reactive oxygen species and the pathogen is killed. But neutrophils have to recognize a good target, and they do this through lots of complex pathways that depend on host cells having receptors that are specific for...
New Posts  All Forums: