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If you look up sunclover on etsy, she makes beautiful dolls and they're rugged :) . Each of my kids has one and they love them. https://www.etsy.com/search?q=sunclover&ship_to=US
I can totally relate! The oldest of my nurslings will be 5 in June. He and I have discussed that he will be fully weaned then, but we had that talk last year too lol. He seems ready and will go days in between times that he asks to nurse. He does mention it once in a while if he sees either of the other 2 nursing, but it is too much of a lapful to nurse more than one at a time now, and he's usually forgotten by the time they're done. There are times it drives me a bit...
anyone catch them from the maine outbreak? we exposed the kids but we're on day 16 past exposure with no signs of spots yet :(
still searching for them here too in Pittsfield nh
We use Concord Family Medicine in Concord and see Dr Morse. She's been great! She is fully supportive of extended nursing, delaying/selective vaxing, etc. She was also supportive of our homebirth, though I didn't do any OB care through that office.
We're in NH and still looking to expose 3 of our kiddos. A friend found them on here years ago and exposed her son, and my oldest got them from him. It shouldn't be this hard to find lol
I'm not sure where that limit is for me. My 1st babe weaned at 2yrs with a little gentle nudging from me due to issues with recurrent miscarriages and a dr blaming me/nursing. My 2nd babe is still nursing at 4yrs 1mo. He and I were in agreement about him weaning at 4, but then he changed his mind. In reality, he nurses 1-2 times a day, and most of the time it's fine. There are those times when I get a nursing aversion to him badly (and only him for some reason) and we...
Hi mama, It makes it harder when you feel like you're the only one! My oldest nursling turned 4yo the beginning of June. He and I have done a lot of discussing, and we had decided that he would wean around his birthday. He seemed on board with the idea, and even a little bit excited. Thankfully I kept the mindset that he may change his mind, because the closer to his bday we got, the more the idea seemed to upset him. I'm triandem nursing him along with his 2 younger...
please let me know if you guys get them...would be very interested in a play date :)
I just got my insurance to cover a new pump to replace my trusty old one that seems to be wearing out. just waiting for it to be delivered sometime this week! I've always had good luck with the medela pisa.
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