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My son recently weaned and now my right breast is painfully engorged. Should I pump for comfort, or would that only make it worse?
thank you justmama, that does help! great job on your chunkeroo, too!
Quote: Originally Posted by goodheartedmama I don't think he'll outgrow mediums any time soon (if ever). My son was 40 lbs when he pt'ed and could still wear medium covers. We had larges but they are HUGE. wow! were those bummis mediums?
thanks for the responses! i will give it a try!
my 7 wk old baby has already grown out of his small GMD prefolds and small bummis super snap covers. can i just use the small prefold in a medium bummis cover? i'm figuring at this rate of growing, he will grow out of the mediums in no time! he is 15 lbs and the medium has a 20 lbs estimated size limit. ETA: would it be a good investment to just go ahead and buy some fitted one size diapers?
Thanks for your responses! My first son was born at home, but that is not an option for this pregnancy. I really don't want a hospital birth, so I am very happy to hear that the birth center sounds like it has good midwives and will be a good experience and closer to what I want. I am looking forward to my appointment! babybirkel-- how long after the birth were you there?
Hi! I would like to know if anyone has any experiences you would be willing to share about the Expectations Birth Center in Muncie, Indiana.
i think you you have a lot of great responses here but i would like to add that i was in a similar position you are in. no one i knew had a homebirth but i came across a book on it at the library and felt like it was right for me. i had a lot of support from my DP and also a lot of trust in my midwife. what i liked too, was that she came to me even after DS was born. i would definitely have a homebirth again. good luck to you! :
Quote: Originally Posted by LeahC Well, any books that involve trains, cars, trucks, firetrucks, motorcycles, etc. are much loved by my almost 3 year old. : we also love Food For Thought and How Are You Peeling by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers.:
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