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I'm excited to find you guys! I've got two kids under 5 and a developing poly life. DH and I have considered ourselves to be poly for about 2 years but put it on hold when our daughter was born (DH was defending his dissertation at the same time). We just didn't have the time or energy. This fall I met a great woman who is either going to be an awesome best friend or a fun girlfriend; time will tell. I'm also dating her husband. The kids have met them both, but they have...
I've used mine with both kids now, primarily in airports. DD started using it at 12 months, DS I don't recall when we started, but we were done by 2 1/2. It lets them get the wiggles out while still letting me maintain control in a stimulating adult environment.
I've used natural commercial brands and several homemade formulas, but my current favorite is soap nuts. They are a dried berry that contains saponin. You just throw a muslin pouch of them in with a load of laundry. After about 5 loads I compost them. Very easy, no scent, and fairly cost effective.
Marmalade. I made a great batch with a box of clementines in December. (Kids were eating them like crazy, then stopped right after I bought another box).
My mum used to put soap scraps inside a large bath sponge (cut a slit). We used those the same way you might use a shower poof. Maybe the stocking was the same principle?
We have been using family cloth for 2-3 years now. I chop up DH's old boxer shorts when they get a hole in them and use those as family cloth. The flat woven fabric doesn't unravel and most of it has held up for the full 3 years. I add to our stash when another pair of boxers wear out. I feel a little weird about using underwear as a general purpose rag, so FC is an ideal use!
    I have been really happy with Katie's Mercantile. I'm wearing one of their apron-style jumper dresses right now (I own 3). They are awesome for nursing and maternity because they button down the side seams. Recently they came out with a maternity insert that just buttons into the side seams, which means that my maternity jumper will still fit nicely after this baby is born.  They also did a custom job on the maternity full slip for me, putting nursing slits into it....
You don't have to go very far afield to find more moderate guidelines. I'm British but have lived in the US most of my life. When I was pregnant with #1 I craved smoked salmon and couldn't understand why smoked fish that had been properly handled would be a problem. So I checked the NHS guidelines for foods pregnant women should avoid. Guess what? Smoked salmon was on the ok list, and even sushi was ok if the fish had been frozen first. I live in Wisconsin -- what are...
The other day, in a public bathroom, I had a brilliant idea. Keep a little family cloth in a diminutive wet bag in my purse for occasions when the toilet paper has run out. I'm going to start as soon as I find a zippered wet bag small enough (I think the Planet Wise wipes ones might do, or perhaps just a change purse).
When I had a troubling u/s (ended up in a miscarriage at 11 weeks) I got a referral to the UW Health OBs. It turns out that they are in network for GHC. Dr Kim Ma key was fabulous. I don't know how he is about VBAC but given how supportive he was of giving my body and my baby a chance to do their thing, I'd imagine he's supportive. Your best bet, though, is to message Dr Deb and ask who she would recommend for you. That's what I would do in your shoes. Deb delivered my...
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