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I alos like Bella Luna Toys on facebook:)
I like Mothering on facebook:)
Factory farming is a money maker, plain and simple. For me and my family, TF is as much about doing things on a small, human scale as it is about avoiding disease. The two things the "diet dictocrats" and the TF folks agree on is that white flour and refined sugar are killing us, and that whole foods are the way to wellness. Neither of these positions please the factory food lobbyists.
My mom used to fry the chicken liver for me when she was making the fried chicken for our family. I loved it then and I love it now. It's tasty and brings back warm fuzzies.
Hello all. I have posted on here before, but as a bit of a skeptic. I started to read Nourishing Traditions a few years ago and was put off by it for whatever reason. Well, I picked it up again and was determined to give it a fair shot. Second time was the charm, I guess. I find her arguments and information pretty compelling and I'm ready to dive in. I didn't ind a thread for bashful/gushing/convert/reverts. I'm off to search the forum, but thanks to all of you who...
It was worth every nickel!!! I had my first home birth with a CNM that my insurance paid for (all of it). This time, in a new state, we paid 2600 dollars for a CPM. Like I said, I'm cheap and I'd do it again.
Adelaide was 7.15 at birth and then 7.6 the next day and then 8.2 at her two week WBV. I feel well physically and challenged emotionally (tandem nursing issues).
Congratulations!!!! My 2.5 year old son is named Silas, too.
I don't know all the numbers, but I fit into my jeans again. I am tandem nursing and I probably gained 30 lbs during the pregnancy. My tummy is far from flat, but I do have biggish boobs.
Good here. I have oversupply and a pretty strong letdown, but I managed it with DS and I have read and planned for it this time around. I don't have pain, but at first nursing was a pretty involved production. I had to take her off at letdown, spray milk into a towel or the tub, and then get her back on. Also, she compensates for the flow by tending to have a shallow latch, so I've kept an eye on the latch and positioning. I had plugged ducts the first week and aches and...
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