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Quote: Originally Posted by mellowyellowmama I consider hiring back up more for other people than for me! Same here! I'm in the initial stages of trying to talk a midwife into being back-up for me so that I can tell my mom (and others) I have a midwife coming to our house. I just want to be alone and untouched during the birth. Honestly, I'd be okay if DH wasn't even there!
I started reading that just recently when you posted the link in the past week. I'll have to go back and finish it. So far I've really enjoyed your perspective and writing!
Ack! That's so obnoxious. I've started to not mention anything to ANYBODY besides DH about us doing a UC b/c I've had so many negative/ignorant responses even to the idea of doing an assisted home-birth. Even my mom tried to tell me horror stories! I think we all know the risks and are just taking personal responsibility for those risks!
Quote: Originally Posted by tracymom1 I think that the only way to change the thoughts of the small-minded people who find breastfeeding "offensive" is simply to do it in front of them - every chance you get. I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with being "small-minded." Each person has their own comfort level. While her mom brought it up a little inappropriately (she could have just said: "if you want to BF in your own home,...
I think that if someone else wants to host it (and it was their idea), it's not a big deal. My mom had seven babies and her friends were always excited about it and she had a baby shower every single time. DD will be 3 when this one is born and I saved all her clothes and everything. We really don't need much, but if someone offered to throw us a diapers and wipes party or a "favorite kids book" party, I would go along with it.
I think they still have enough room to move around a lot. I've noticed this one flipping around all over the place. Her feet were on my left side earlier tonight, with her head on the right. Now I'm pretty sure that she's right-side up (as she's kicking the bottom of my uterus and it hurts!)
My Dr did very little support during the pushing stage, but did let me push in whatever position I wanted to. The hospital nurses wanted me on my back and I told them it hurt too bad, and told them that I WOULD be pushing on my hands and knees. My Dr. was great and told them to stop "coaching" me to push and to basically leave me alone. Rather, I pushed when my body urged me too. I had a 9lb 10oz baby with no tearing and very little perineal support/help.
This looks like a great website. I've been researching UB recently and have had a rough time finding more than a couple of websites about it.
It's stuff like this that makes women want to avoid medical assistance, even when it's needed, during pregnancy! That's heartbreaking! What a violating experience.
Name: Christa Due date: May 1st Older Children and Ages: Sada Alejandra (3/30/06) and baby girl (coming sometime April/May!) Birth Plans: We are currently planning on having a Dr. monitored pregnancy (have been thus far) and then an Unassisted Home Birth Anything else you'd like to add: I was recommended to this website from another message board group b/c I'm so into co-sleeping, natural birth, etc. I am a little "too extreme" for some of them..haha! Anyway! I'm...
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