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I use kale in my green smoothies and I sometimes use spinach. Sometimes I throw in other veggies such as carrots or cucumbers. Avocados are yummy in smoothies, too. I add spirulina when I have it and I always use flax seed meal.
MaMaQ1125, that is exactly why I got an ultrasound last time. I didn't want to be pressured to induce at the end.
Colleen, I just saw that you posted on this old thread. The OP actually started the thread for me way back when. The only precaution my midwife took was to test my urine on a weekly basis, which a lot of midwives do, anyhow, and it wasn't at all a big deal. When making the decision to donate a kidney, I was originally told that I would be a high risk pregnancy someday, but that didn't actually turn out to be the case, either for home birth or in the hospital (and I've had...
AJ, I'm sorry to hear about your second pregnancy. :-( I wish you all the best this time around.   starsmagick, my DH's birthday is September 16th, which is on my EDD (well the 16th or 17th).
My username is PoetryLover. This is my third pregnancy. I have two sons who are 2 and almost 4. I also have 2 teenage stepdaughters, ages 14 & 17, who spend the summers with us.   I will most likely be team green. I found out the gender for my first and my second was a surprise. The surprise was such a special experience that both DH and I would love to repeat it. I have no strong gender feelings yet.   According to ovulation, I think I'm due September 15th or 16th. :-)
Thank you windydawnmom!!
If your kids get it, I'd love the opportunity to expose mine! :-) Good luck!
I always thought couponing sounded like an interesting way to save money, but I've also pictured it taking tons of time. Recently I read the Krazy Coupon Lady's book and spent some time on her blog. I've created and started filling my coupon binder. I've ordered 2 Sunday paper subscriptions (which is all I could afford to pay for upfront). I figure if the coupons are particularly good on a given week, I can pick up a couple of extra copies. I really need to start...
Thanks, *bejeweled*. They're actually really painful today. :-(   Today I: Had coffee, made breakfast, put dishes away, washed dishes, folded and put away a load of laundry & helped DS1 put away matching game pieces.
Hi everyone! I had a productive day yesterday. I cleaned a honey spill in  a kitchen cabinet and organized everything in that cabinet. That took half an hour. I also washed all the upper cabinet doors, cleaned the outside of the washer & dryer, cleaned out the entire refrigerator and freezer, washed hand prints off some walls and doors, did laundry, washed dishes, completely cleaned out and organized the untensil drawer, swished and swiped the bathroom, made a grocery...
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