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I did a few sessions this afternoon: I swept and mopped, cleaned the bathroom and cleaned the toy room. :-)
How important is it *really* to soak your seeds overnight before planting? We're growing baby lettuce and 12 different herbs in a container garden.    Many thanks!
Last session: I folded and put away a load of laundry, transferred a load to the dryer and started a load of towels.
I spent an hour washing 3 huge bunches of kale, spinning them dry and making kale chips, thanks to the help of 2 eager toddlers who love to spin greens but whose presence makes it take SOOO much longer.    I made lunch, washed lunch dishes, have supper in the crockpot & helped DS1 reshelve his books.   *Bejeweled*, it's great that your daughter didn't catch lice from her friend. I would be proactive cleaning, too, though.   IsaFrench, that's interesting about...
Good morning IsaFrench and *bejeweled*!  IsaFrench, I'm trying to prepare my home for my MIL's visit in 2 weeks. There's no motivation like having company! LOL   So far I have completed (2) 15 minute sessions.   1st: folded a load of diaper laundry, transferred a load of laundry to the dryer & started a load of laundry   2nd: Washed supper and breakfast dishes
Good morning, *bejeweled*!    So far I have: folded a load of laundry, put away dishes and fed the children breakfast.   I need to:    Make the bed Fold and put away diaper laundry Clean and Declutter the top of the fridge Wash a load of regular laundry Locate important paperwork Pick up the bedroom Start Chili for Supper Work on my treasure map
My MIL is arriving soon for a 2 week visit.    What types of things would you prepare for a house guest of this duration? In a sense, I want to wow her, but I also want to keep most meals fairly simple in preparation, as we also have 2 toddlers.   Also, what would you keep on hand for breakfast and lunch? I tend to feed my toddlers very simple but still nutritious food, things like hummus with veggies and pita bread or homemade alphabet soup (I make a big pot and...
I came here to start a thread on how to make friends in real life and I'm so glad to see this thread. I've never made friends easily, was the "slow to warm up" child and still am shy and a bit socially awkward to this day. However, some things have happened recently that have me focusing inward a bit, considering how to form "real" connections in real life. We have 1 family car and my husband both works and goes to school full time. We have 2 small sons. The days are...
I'd love to expose my sons to chicken pox and am also willing to travel. :-) 
I'm new to this and excited to be here. I'm in the process of decluttering and am excited to make my treasure map on April 10th. 
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