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Hi everyone! I've not been active here for a very long time. I find that I go to the facebook page frequently, but I will try to make it a point to check in with those here, too. How has the month of August been for everyone? Gabriel turns one on the 31st of this month. He's not standing unassisted yet, but he is pulling up and cruising around furniture a ton. He also has a mouth full of teeth. I'm trying to do more arts/crafts type activities with him and introducing...
  Malachi and Gabriel playing a few weeks ago.     
Have  you tried whole wheat flour and does it work as well as white flour? Many thanks!
Hey guys! I'm trying to organize a meetup for those in MA, NH, VT & ME. I started a thread on the fb page, but I remember that not all our members are on there.   I saw the pic from the other regional meetup and am so jealous!!!! Yay for you mamas and babes who were able to meet up in real life. We have such a wonderful & strong group.
dantesmama, happy birthday to your little one! And happy birth day to you!   OkiMom, we're Quaker and plan to incorporate Christianity into our plans, as well as some other spiritual components. I'm just beginning to think about all of this, really. But I did go on and repinned some of your pins. Through them I found some cool blogs, too! I'm looking to do some easy cooking activities, make things like goop, play-doh, paint, crafts of many sorts, thrifty crafts,...
OkiMom, if you don't mind my asking, do you know any good toddler homeschooling blogs? If so, would you provide the links? I would be forever grateful.
Hi dantesmama & *bejeweled*! *bejeweled*, congrats on having a clear office! That must feel awesome after all of your hard work!   Today I:   Swished & Swiped the Bathroom & swept the bathroom floor Made breakfast Transferred laundry to the dryer Folded and put away a load of laundry Put away dishes from last night Made lunch Washed the breakfast and lunch dishes Swept the kitchen floor       I need to meal plan & make a grocery list  Pick...
Hi *bejeweled!* Awesome job decluttering! I need to do some of that myself...   Today I:   Made breakfast Put away dishes Washed breakfast dishes Washed & dried a load of laundry Folded a load of laundry Made lunch Washed lunch dishes DH Scooped litter box, so I don't have to. :-)   I hope to:   Wash, dry, fold & put away another load of laundry Scoop the litter box & sweep bathroom floor Declutter the boys' clothes Swish and swipe...
Hi ladies!   So far today I've:   Made breakfast Put away dishes Swept kitchen and wiped table Washed sheets and transferred to the dryer Swished & swiped the bathroom Washed a load of laundry Cleaned the dish strainer Washed breakfast dishes
3 Measuring spoons 5 Clothes Hangers   8 + 1626 = 1634/2012   $68 + $78 = $146  
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