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Hi everyone! And welcome to the newbies! I've had my stepdaughters for a couple of months and they're flying out in 10 days,so I hope to return to some routines. I miss posting here (I get so little online time these days) and wish you all the best and much productivity and peace. :-)
Baby swing Wash Cloth Plate 5 Misc. Items   8 + 1618 = 1626/2012   $68 + $78 = $146
3 Nursing Bras 1 Shirt 24 Sunbaby Diapers 47 Sunbaby Inserts   75 + 1543 = 1618/2012   $68 + $78 = $146
48 Shower Hooks Shower Curtain Flowers Vase Lots of Marbles 2 Shower Poufs 3 Poetry Cassettes   57 + 1486 = 1543/2012   $68 + $78 = $146
green_momma2007, I so understand a home getting messier before it gets cleaner! That happens to me all the time and DH doesn't understand! I tell him that I'm making forward motion even if he can't see it. I know that it will all come together in the end. LOL   OkiMom, you are awesome for helping that poor dog! What a big heart you have!   *bejeweled*, happy summer!!   clutterwarrior, I hope you feel better.   Well, my stepdaughters are arriving...
6 Pillow Cases 5 Sheets 4 Plastic Containers 1 Card Bedskirt Comforter 2 Pillow Shams 3 Decorative Pillows   23 + 1463 = 1486/2012   $68 + $78 = $146
I'm from the United States and would love to have a pen pal from this part of the world. I am a married SAHM of 2 young boys, ages 28 months and 9 months. I have many interests, primarily writing, reading, poetry, yoga, Pilates and spirituality. I'm also interested in attachment parenting, frugal living, cooking, juicing, etc. Please either PM me or respond to this thread if interested. :-)   Thanks!
Hi everyone! It's a big day for us today, as we will have my DSD's in exactly a week. We have so very much to do to get ready. Warning: a LONG list follows.   Master Bedroom:   Make Bed Fix Chair Cover Refile and alphabetize books the boys pulled out Pick up bedroom Organize clothes Clear off dresser, top of bookshelf and desk Organize closet Vacuum Clean windows and mirror   Living Room:   Fix Couch and Loveseat covers Clear out...
We don't pee on the groceries.     I had to say that a few months ago.
Curtains 5 Sheets Box 3 Plastic Containers Cloth Diaper Cloth Wipe Comforter  2 Pillow Cases   14 + 1452 = 1463/2012   $68 + $78 = $146
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