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I'm 36 and I have 2 baby sisters, ages 13 & 14. I also have 4 adult sisters. While I love my baby sisters and love seeing them and spending time with them, I really cherish the time I have my mom's undivided attention. It doesn't happen often. It's perfectly reasonable for an adult to desire one on one time with his/her parents. I think what your stepdaughters might be feeling is a need/desire to have their dad's undivided attention. Maybe he can take them to dinner,...
2 Sippy Cups Plastic Easter Egg   3 + 1446 = 1449/2012   $68 + $78 = $146
I got the boys ready and went to the park for a play date Made lunch Put away dishes Washed lunch dishes
This morning so far:   I changed both boys' diapers Washed a load of diapers Put some dishes away (not all) Made breakfast and coffee Cleaned up a spill of cat food
Stained Onesie Old Mattress Protector Mattress Foam Pad Towel 2 Large Pieces of Plywood 5 Sheets 2 Pillow Cases   14 + 1432 = 1446/2012   $68 + $78 = $146
Hi! DH is at the store with DS1 and DS2 is napping. I have to be productive.   So far I've put the new couch, loveseat & chair covers on and I've transferred a load of laundry to the dryer. I also put away a few towels.   Next session:   Washed dishes Cleared most of the counter off
Good morning, everyone! So far I have made breakfast and coffee, washed dishes from last night (yuck!) and started a load of diapers. I'm off to read to my boys and return to work. :-)   Ever just not know where to begin?
I've recently gotten a juicer! It seems a little expensive to juice, but so far I love it! Please share recipes and information, especially about the health benefits you've noticed since starting to juice. Also, how did you succeed at working juicing into your budget? Many, many thanks!
Box Men's Jeans 4 Plastic Eggs 2 Bookmarks  4 Pictures 2 Batteries Business Card 4 Diapers Wash Cloth 2 Books Robe       23 + 1409 = 1432/2012   $68 + $78 = $146
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