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  I think you know that we all would have supported you either way, but I'm glad you went with your gut. Good luck, especially when it comes to creative ways to raise the money for your home daycare. You seem really resourceful.    
Basket Easter Grass 2 Plastic Eggs 4 Boxes Lamp VCR Hair Tie Expired Food Item Baby Hat   724 + 13 = 737/2011  
This reminds me of a beautiful day last summer when our Quaker Meeting decided to have worship sprawled out on the lawn, enjoying the sunshine. :-)  
I'm Quaker and my views seem similar to yours. I attend a small, liberal, Christian meeting in New England and I love it. The funny thing is that after I converted to Quakerism, I took this quiz and it told me that my views are liberal Quaker. I recommend the quiz for those that don't really know which religions to explore and find it to be a valuable guide, a sort of jumping off point.   http://www.beliefnet.com/Entertainment/Quizzes/BeliefOMatic.aspx
Congratulations, Chaika!!!! You look so beautiful in your red dress! I love it!   Carrie, no way should you feel guilty! I've accomplished little more than you today and I haven't been having nearly the contractions that it sounds like you are having. Relax and enjoy the day. 
With DS my water broke 5 or 6 hours before I started getting contractions. I called my midwife and she told me to eat a big dinner, go to bed early and call her when the contractions were really painful. So that's what I did. My water broke around 8 PM and I think she arrived around 4:30 AM. DS was born at home just before 2 PM. It didn't seem like a big deal. Now, this time I'm giving birth in the hospital and plan to labor at home for as long as possible, in order to...
I posted about this in the "feel good" thread, but a friend of mine bought me 2 large sized fitteds that fit DS for 50 cents each at Goodwill! Before he was born, she bought multiple sized fitteds and diaper covers there for 50 cents to a dollar. Crazy cheap! Just someplace else to check out. 
That's exactly what I've been saying! I just want to hold this babe in my arms!
ChemistryClass, you're so pretty in that dress and you look full of energy! I'm jealous. :-)   CrazyCatLady, you most certainly do not look like a mess. You look great!   Peony, your little boy is so cute, as is your baby bump.   greencarnation, you look great. I love the henna!   karalynnskies, you're wearing my favorite color. :-)I still wear tank tops from prepregnancy. I actually bought a couple that were larger than my normal size for the sake of pregnancy. And,...
greencarnation, that sounds like a fun night.    Jill, happy anniversary!   bethany42309, What a wonderful evening as a family! I LOVE drive in movies!   A friend gave us 2 large sized cloth diapers to fit DS. They are brand new fitteds that she picked up at Goodwill for 50 cents each. We've only bought him prefolds and flats, so it's nice to have a couple cute diapers to throw in the mix. 
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