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Magnolia is probably farther than you'd like to drive, but I'd like to throw out another fabulous option for any non-vaxxers....Dr. Paul Dibble (Simple Traditions Family Health) is by far the most like-minded practioner that I've ever met!  In fact, he wont even adminster ANY vax except Tetnus.  He gives all his patients his personal cell # and asks you to call him after hours if you need him.  He will even make house calls!!  Who does that?!!  ONLY drawback is that he...
I absolutely agree that there needs to be more research done!  There is such a large percentage of the population with undiagnosed GS, it seems so obvious to me that this would play a huge role in vaccine reactions...why oh WHY isn't anyone looking at this? 
Hi ladies!  I just moved to Magnolia this summer....I'm finally checking in to find my tribe!  I'm close to you Spring, Woodlands, and Tomball mamas!  Anyone know where the parks are in this area?  My little one asked to go on a picnic to the park today, so we are looking for one nearby...?  Anyone wanna join us?   ~Billie and Delaney(almost 5)
did you find anyone you liked yet?  I take my completely non-vaxed 4 year old to Dr. Ali Carine in upper Arlington.  no problems with my decisions and she is an Intergrated pediatrics physician specializing in allergies and treats a number of families dealing with autism.
Hello oceanbluemama! I've been wondering when I would hear from someone who thinks there could be some kind of link....how old is your child now?  And you, yourself, have GS also?  My son is 17 years old now, and Thankfully he doesn't seem to have any other obvious symptoms or issues that we know of.  I've warned him about aceteminophen and other a few other triggers like exhaust fumes.  I've been able to find very little info over the internet, but I did find some...
of course, my opinion here is resulting from personal experiences, so here's my 2 cents.... My older 4 children were fully vaxed on the 90's schedule until DS2 had a severe reaction to the MMR at 15mos.  Febrile seizure, measles-like rash at first...  Then he kept having ongoing, unexplained high fevers....blood tests would repeatedly reveal elevated WBC count with no known cause.  Ped said the 2nd dose of MMR would be contraindicated for him, so we skipped it.  The 2...
mammamo---the youngest sees Dr. Carine in Upper Arlington.  Honestly though, she's only been twice.  Last time was for her 2-year check-up.  We didn't do well baby exams in infancy since we skipped vaccines and she's our 5th child .  The older kids see Dr. Jill Porter on Polaris----they just get sport physicals there.
mine either :(    
I'm near Columbus also...just 20 minutes North in Lewis Center.  Still trying to find some mamas nearby that don't *gasp* when they find out the youngest has never been vaxed  ;)    I'm an "older mama" now and so much happier with the choices we are making towards a more natural-minded lifestyle.   If any of you get to the Polaris area----would love to meet up!!  
I had "the dream" with the first 4 kids and it was 100% accurate!  5th kid, I was just so sure it was a boy....I\the only oufit I had bought was for a boy, and we had only picked boys names!  We did have an ultrasound sometime around 24 weeks to check on a misdiagnosed extra placental lobe, and ....Voila'!!! girl parts!  complete shock....all of us.  Of course, throughout the rest of the pregnancy I was convinced that she'd somehow GROW a penis!  Seems that my DD1 had...
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