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I started my period May 20th till 24, and I just started my period again June 2 to June 10 When I am keeping track of my ovulation dates , do I stay with my original period dates or is there a chance I am on a new cycle? Thank u!
31 views no response .. someone must know .. anyone?
Im going thro the same thing!!
My period is 3 days late on a 28 day cycle ,8 days late on a 23 day cycle Im usually 28 days but last cycle was 23 I got a blood test on monday the results came in as negative u think it may have been too early to test? I am never late I been tracking my periods for 1 year now his is very unusual for me many thanks
what I mean is does it go down in the 37 part or the .0 part?
Ok what are the temps of pre ovualtion .. or how many points does it go down
when it gets lower chances your period is coming I know this but how much lower is what I dont know so say temp was 37.4 then now its 37.0 is that too worry about? thanks for helping
Hi thanks everyone!! Im gonna wait till I hopefully miss my period (friday) your all too sweet ty!
FMU seen the blue appear within the 10 min limit I decided to take it ot of the plastic and see what it looked like .. it got darker but its blue not grey any ideas? Many Thanks http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i9...kzqueen/ol.jpg
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