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Though I did go to the gym for the first time since DD was born yesterday- sometimes that stirs stuff up- but I think it's actually a period... a few cramps... pretty mild... but I'm really annoyed! My mum said she got hers sooner than she expected... we both exclusively BF too! Argh.
Any idea what a three year old boy would like to read? I am going to a birthday party tomorrow and I havent seen this child in ages- I have no idea what to get him!
I'm so jealous! Though it happens daily, I can still just barely feel the movement. I guess since I'm carrying a "few" extra pounds I cant feel him as easily. I cant wait until dp can feel him move!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mizelenius No, I don't drink at all when I'm PG. I rarely drink anyway, but my thought is-- WHY? I also don't take Tylenol for my migraines (that I get when pregnant) or use any drugs during labor even though "studies" confirm that they are safe. For 9 months, it just isn't about me, plain and simple. I am a host, and I do everything I can to ensure that my guest has the very best. To each her own. I really...
I didnt start feeling movement until last week- 21 weeks. I expected to have to wait longer, as plus-sized moms usually dont feel movement until later. What an amazing moment it was- and continues to be! :
I really like Juniper- but not Ginny!
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