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We have been using it since January 1.  The YNAB forums are great for tips and FAQs.
I got an amazing black Friday deal or I likely wouldn't have taken the plunge.  I also have to say that I fell off the wagon with Mint because it was all automatic.  With YNAB I sit down once a week and log all of my spending, income and bills and it keeps me aware.  It's working for me, but if I fall off the wagon with this one it will be much harder to catch up.   
I used Mint prior to YNAB and the major difference is you can plan for the future.  Where Mint only allows you to budget for this month, YNAB allows you to budget out and encourages you to put extra money into a buffer category so that eventually you save enough to pay for this months expenses form last months income instead of the way that most of us do it, by paying for this months expenses with this months income.   
I give DR credit for helping us get out of debt using the baby steps learned here on MDC and with a book borrowed from the library.  But recently I heard that he charges $85/year to join his forum!  To be that's not someone trying to help anyone but himself!!!  So I've lost a lot respect for the guy...
Joining late but need to get on track to make goals! No spend:  Budgeted spend:  Un-budgeted spend: Ate at home/Packed meals:  Made extra $$:     MARCH 1 2 3 4 5 6 Paid oil bill 7   b-fast home packed lunch date night out 8  Caved got Subway for all 4 of us while out getting DD's new Rx lenses. Our eye doctor won't change the lenses on frames that we purchased from him last year for $130!  Her Rx changed (her eyes have gotten worse every single...
I'm another happy,  You Need A Budget user! 
Congratulations on your gorgeous babies Lilac!!!  They are so precious, thanks for sharing a picture!!!  Enjoy your babymoon!!! xoxo 
I was the same this week.
Breakfast will be pantone French toast, sausage & eggs.  Our guests will arriving at 1 and we will begin the afternoon festivities with crudité, an antipasti spread, and fresh fruit.  For our dinner I'm making a whole roasted pork butt, stuffed artichokes, smashed red potatoes cranberry  and/or apple sauce or chutney.  I made a ton of cookies and I'm thinking that I'm not going to add a dessert, but I usually do and I'm on the fence.  I always make homemade hot chocolate...
131 this week :)
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