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Thank you for the later a comments which have been very helpful.  I will check out the Cochrane link and also appreciate "Japnoica's" sentiments.  We do have a family physician who has always been supportive of our convictions which I am thankful for.  However, things seem to be becoming more confusing to me, thus my original inquiry. Thank you to all who have posted, especially those of you who have been gentle.  
Well, originally I wanted to know about Dr. Novella because I hadn't heard of him or his website.  My son has given me links to WHO and I am looking into it. What am I looking for?  The truth, I'd say.  But I find it difficult to discern what is and isn't true anymore and it is stressing me out.  I don't want to give into fear mongering but I also find it difficult to just believe that vaccinations are safer than the diseases when I "hear" the opposite.  Also, one of...
Yes, I am trying to read from both sides, which is why I asked my question in the first place.  
I am a very busy person and "debunked" was the first word that came to mind when trying to ask about the website.  Please don't make my wording the topic of conversation.  I am struggling with a decision and just wanted to get a wider perspective of the website because I haven't seen it before today.  
Yes, of course I read the Wikipedia info.  But I was hoping for something besides Wikipedia.  
My daughters are about to enter first grade and, again, I am forced into the vaccination decision.  I have read, and believed, numerous books and articles regarding the dangers of vaccinations.  In discussing this with my college-aged son, I was surprised to be severely questioned about my beliefs on the subject, which has sent me searching once again.  I came across "Science-Based Medicine" which debunks my current understanding of the vaccination dangers  along with...
Thank you!  I will check that out.  
My step son and his wife are expecting their first child in April.  I'd like to get a book for new dads for him for Christmas.  I'd like one that leans towards attachment parenting.  I purchased Father's First Steps: 25 Things Every New Dad Should Know  by Sears, but it is a cute little pastel gift book.  I know the contents are probably good, but I didn't want to give him a girly looking book!  I know that probably sounds silly.  Anyway, any other suggestions?  Thank you.
Thank you so much for you suggestions!  That makes sense and I'm going to give it a try.  
Thank you.  I like that idea. :)  
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