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Ohh we are in the exact same boat, DS1 is 2.5 and DS2 is 7 weeks, and literally all I do all day is pull DS1 off DS2. DS1 is also very affectionate with friends, and I know what you mean that it seems almost violent, but you know it's not. The one thing that is working (kind of) over here, is to remind DS1 of ways that he IS allowed to touch/interact with the baby. "no, you may not grab his head/lay on him/pull his arm, but you may rub his belly/tickle his feet/hold him...
Same thing happened to me! The midwives were just using a urine test that was less sensitive and it was fmu. Gl!
Hi ladies! I'm Leah, 29 years old, married for 6 years and due at the end of August with our second little guy. DS was born in April 2010, so he will be about 28 months old when new babe arrives. We live in southeast MA, I'm a SAHM and my husband works from home, so we are lucky to spend lots of time together. I organize a local crunchy mommy group and it's fabulous to have a good group of like minded people in our lives. We cloth diaper (though I am so hoping he will...
Hi ladies! My husband is Korean and Italian, I'm white western European mutt. Our 2 year old son looks like a white version of his dad- less almond shaped eyes, but has all his other features outside of dark blonde hair and (so far) hazel eyes. I am thinking his eyes will go brown eventually, though we don't know all of dh's dad's family, so it's possible there is lighter eye color in there somewhere. Dh really hopes they stay light, so we will see! I'm due with our...
My child isn't school aged, but I have extensive experience with the Attleboro school dept and IEPs because of my last job.  Feel free to PM me.  :)
Hi! Come join us!   http://www.meetup.com/Crunchy-Mamas-of-Bristol-County/
http://www.caitlinmaloneyphotography.com/ We loved her, and she was offering discounts for newborns a month ago. She did some beautiful BFing shots for us as well.
I'm white, DH is Korean-American, and I'm currently gestating our first gorgeous eurasian baby. I'm so excited to see what this baby will look like, and I have dreams about it all the time. ETA: As for language, we both speak minimal Korean, so we'll just stick with exposing him to the food, since we both love that! And I'm sure MIL will speak Korean to him when she's around.
I am caucasian, and my DH is korean-american. I'm pregnant with our first, due in May. My DH is the eldest of MIL's kids, and the only son. Her husband divorced her long ago, and so she used to rely heavily on DH for everything. I totally get the pushiness and the entitlement to "her" family. Luckily for me, my MIL recently moved across the country, so I don't have too much contact with her. When I first got together with DH, she and I used to have a lot of...
We have his name: Simon Anthony. And... that's about it! We did make a list this weekend of all the things we need to do before he gets here, but his "nursery" is still our office for now.. and the biggest baby thing we have is an outfit. I'm not going to stress about it until after the holidays!!
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