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Welcome from one newbie to another! Good luck TTC!
Just take it out, once its gone you'll find other ways to reheat ect.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigeyes Nope, but a plumber told me they shouldn't be flushed, ever, even if the package says 'flushable.' I figure if the pro who takes care of the pipes says it's a bad idea, it probably is. I've heard that too. I haven't used or had a need to for years, but when I did I'd use cloth pads.
We use ours as fire starters. We are always finding books we don't want people to read so we use them for our campfire starters.
yes to that, we only use mason jars for drinking and storing food and over time they do just need to be recycled, or used for something that its ok to have rust around.
Nurse, read, color and watch the other kids put on plays.
Hi, can I join here? My youngest is a December 07 babe, we are expecting out 6th babe in June sometime. I still can't believe how fast time has gone by!!!
Can I join in too? We are a family of soon to be 8 living in our RV while dh travels and works on ranches. We are traveling all around Oregon. I love living life this way! My kids can't get anymore in tune with nature!!
Congrats momma, isn't it a great feeling!! My oldest is 6 and we are still nursing as I am pregnant with #6.
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