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I would let her do it. Perhaps she is doing an approach like gokaleo aka eat the food. The idea is that after you come off of restriction, is important to just eat without restriction. Sometimes it works in that people can normally reconnect with their hunger and fullness signals and not eat based on external rules after a period of referring. I the other hand, sometimes gaining weight can re awaken the diet ninny thoughts. But whatever she wants to do, at that age it is...
Chia seeds soaked in coconut milk (the boxed kind, not the can) with a few diced strawberries Trader Joes black olives (tese are so great because the olives are naturally ripened and the crime is light and the olives actually taste like olives) Mangoes that are in season these days
Oh wow. That was a lot of work. I hope you have a lot of rest and a great recovery.
Oh my. Ultrasound at 39 weeks would just be based on size then? Or is there something else they can use for dating? My EDD based on LMP was originally 2.2.12 which was then adjusted to 2.20.12 based on 9 week US, later confirmed at 20 and 28 weeks. I'm so thankful that we threw the LMP date out the window since I went to 42 weeks almost.
Stella London born at 41+6 weeks. 6lb 15 oz. one day before schedule for induction. Whew!
Yuck. That sounds horrible. I also had a mean nurse at first, but we were able to switch her out.
Good luck to everyone still hanging out... I hope everyone can spontaneously go into labor when it's right for you. I thought it was just never going to happen. And it had been QUIET for a day or two. No real practice contrax or even BH much.
What was so funny was that on Saturday (before my labor started in the evening) I decided to eat a bunch of pineapple since I had my son right after having pineapple. That was back when I took advice from babycenter... So I think she was just holding out for some pineapple. I ate about 1.5. Before I had tried lots of acupuncture, cohosh, borage oil, etc
Stella London born at 554am at the hospital just 12 hours after I thought I might be going into labor. Born the day before the induction date. She likes to make a grand entrance i guess. Keep up the suspense. I went from "maybe these are real contrax" at 6pm to 5 mins apart bumping up the TENS and moaning and groaning at 730 to 2-3 minutes apart at 9 and super intense. Then I went to the hospital was checked and was 3 and got an epidural an hour or so later. My experience...
UpDate: had a baby! 12 hours from first inkling that these might be real contractions to baby out. Pushed just 24 minutes. Second degree tear, but of a bummer, but she was just 6lb 15oz despite showing other signs that she was in fact two weeks post EDD (mec, dry skin, long nails, lots of hair). I did have an epidural, but didn't need any pit.    WELCOME STELLA LONDON! 
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