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hmmm. I see the point, but I still like my bebe au lait, because if I feel I need to cover up, it's totally secure and less to fiddle with than a scarf. I know it does make it super obvious that I'm nursing, but on the other hand, i feel like people are comfortable looking at me (us), because it's completely, totally covered up, and there's no way you would see anything.
Has anyone thought to turn the regular bumbo chair into a potty by cutting a hole in it and putting some sort of bowl underneath? it works so well to get the poop going with my babe and he is way more comfortable (and able to sit on his own)...
I want to try going diaper free for a day (or so) with my 10 week old. I do think we'll be using some form of protection generally, but I want to get a better idea of what his rhythm is and what his cues are. So far, I've been aware of EC and from 2 weeks or so, I would always leave him lying loosely wrapped sumo style in a prefold after changing him to give his butt some air time and to watch to see if I could tell when he peed. I tried holding him over the toilet a few...
I just think you're amazing for doing this. : (See, I was so impressed, this was the message that prompted me to sign up here after lurking...)
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