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I think you should just give her the detail she asks for. I just don't understand how this could be viewed as setting her up to fail. First of all, I don't think a c section is a failure. At all.   Secondly, hopefully by the time she is having her own babies, she will be well aware that every woman has a different birthing experience, and how she was born has no impact on how her births will go.  
I would try and offer her even more water with her food, that seems to be the key with our DD and constipation. If she gets plenty of water, she has no trouble in the poop department.   Although, I will say my DD even at 11 months, will nurse more than 5 times a day. It may be that your baby is getting more out of each nursing session though. I think my DD is a snacker.   Pears are very good for keeping things moving.
I feel like I have trouble still.   At 11months PP, I thought I was better. A friend of mine just had a smooth uncomplicated vaginal delivery, and it just made me feel like such a failure. Isn't that terrible??  But it really brought back all my terrible memories.   I really thought I was OK, but I have been crying a lot. I don't really feel like typing out my experiences, but it brings me peace to know that other people feel this way because I feel like a freak...
I had to send my baby to the nursery at night so I could rest. I was in very bad shape after my c section due to days of sleep deprivation from the induction, and honestly, I don't think the baby was safe with me given my state of mind. I was pretty delirious with the sleep deprivation and pain meds.   They would take her for a specified amount of time, three hours after a feeding, so I could get a little sleep, and would hold and rock her if she would not sleep in...
I had my Cesarean in February of this year.   I took painkillers, percoset, for 7 or 8 days. I took tylenol for a few days after I ended the percoset.   I know some women don't even take the percoset, but I am a pain wimp. Also, I had my c section after 44 hours of failed induction, which I understand is much harder to recover from than a planned c section. So i am just telling you that so you know where I am coming from.   I felt totally back to normal and...
yes you can just add veggies to it to make soup.   I don't know anything about the safety of leaving it off for so long and staring back up. I make my broth in a crockpot and it simmers for 24 hours straight.
I feed mine to the chickens.
My baby loves to be naked! She knows how to take her diaper cover off and if given a chance rips it right off and crawls away.
As a mother who had a very distressed infant who was very difficult to calm, I find this rather painful to read, as if I didn't try hard enough.   Are we to believe that new mothers are unaware that they can pick up a crying baby and instead jump from screaming baby straight into swaddling without trying to hold the baby? Parents swaddle when the above tactics don't work! Not everyone has an easy baby that will calm simply from being nursed or rocked.   My baby was often...
Wow! I am glad to hear that they are overnighting you a pump!   I only have one days worth of milk stashed and I have recently worried about what i would do if my (Ameda) pump broke.
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