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I'm only 3w2d (9dpo) so I feel basically normal still. I haven't really noticed any symptoms yet although earlier I did almost gag when washing old milk out of a sippy cup. That was one thing that bothered me during my last pregnancy, too. That, and poopy diapers, would nearly send me to the toilet every time. But no headaches, no boob/nipple pain... I guess maybe a little bit more tired and emotional than usual. I do have thick mucus on the TP. Had that with the last...
Yaaay! Got my bfp this morning at 8dpo!
Got my official bfp this morning at 8dpo! EDD Oct 24!
Whoops, I made my own post before seeing this one. I am a tentative member only, as I am just 5dpo and it is too early for a test, but should we have been successful in conceiving this cycle, my EDD will be Oct 24. I just wanted to connect with some other mothers and hopefully in a week or so I can officially be added to the list of mamas due in Oct '12! I'm a 26 (almost 27) year old wife and mama. Colby and I have been married for 7.5 years and my two boys, Ryan and...
Me! I'm nursing both my boys. Ryan (almost 4) only nurses just before bedtime, and Tyler (18 mos) is still nursing quite often. 
Hello there!! I don't have pregnancy confirmation yet as I am only 5dpo, but I'm tentatively joining as I will be due on October 24 if we were successful!  My name is Karyn, and I have been married to Colby for 7.5 years. I'm 26 (almost 27) and we have two little boys. Ryan will be 4 in March and Tyler is 18 months old. Ryan was born in the hospital after 4 hours of labor and Tyler was born at home, in the water, after 3 hours of labor. We plan on having another home...
Hi, can you please fix the link to my birth story? You'll need to access the blog directly and copy and paste the html from the search bar, since mothering.com shortens links with "...." in the middle of it. Originally it looks like you copied and pasted the link I posted (which was shortened). Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Here is the link again. Thank you! The birth of Tyler Andrew Loftesness
Just read your story, and am browsing facebook at the same time, and saw your birth story posted there, too, by another friend. :-)
For some reason the link to my birth story doesn't work on the first page. Did you just copy and paste from this thread? MDC shortens links... so that won't work. You'll have to go to the actual blog and copy and paste the actual link.
My midwife's granddaughter did mine for me. She charges $150 normally but she had a delay in getting it back to me by 2 days PP (her usual) and so she charged us $125. I think next time I might try doing it myself, but only if I have a friend or family member willing to help out. We'll see, I guess. Anyway, she brought it to me on day 3 and I started taking it the morning of day 4. I was experiencing the baby blues and was tearful and emotional those two days and I felt...
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