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My little one loves books too. Here are a few of our favorites: Elusive Moose by Jan Gannij Won't you be my Kissaroo by Joanne Ryder Rock-a-baby Band by Kate McMullan This site might be helpful to you: http://childrensbookreviews.pbwiki.c...s+and+Toddlers It is a list of books for babies and toddlers with links to blog reviews.
It isn't much of a secret since I actually blog about children's and YA books. I have never stopped loving them. I even became a youth services librarian to give my reading material some legitimacy.
I have my Master's in Library Science but I'm not working in a library right now. I loved library school, and I loved working with teens at a public library. My job was primarily planning fun/educational programs for middle and high schoolers. I did everything from chess tournaments to makeover nights to movie nights. I also ordered books for our teen collection, which I loved since I am a YA lit fanatic. The biggest down side about library jobs is that there...
I really hope that I will be like my mom when it comes to my daughter's reading material. My mom never censored my reading choices. Even when my choices were not what she might want me to read at the time (or at all perhaps--she's pretty conservative), she would use that as an opportunity to open a dialogue with me about the potentially difficult subject. A great example is when I read The Handmaid's Tale. I was a teen, and a family acquaintance questioned my mom...
I loved the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. It is a fast-paced science fiction adventure with a girl in the lead. I just recommended Goose Girl by Shannon Hale in another thread, and I'll bring it up here too. I just love that book. Actually, lots of YA fairy tale retellings have great female protagonists.
I loved Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, and I'm not much of a fantasy person. I actually listened to the full-cast audio book, and I was riveted. Fabulous fairy tale retelling with a strong girl in the lead role. I highly recommend it.
Readermaid is short for Lovely Mindy Reader Maid, which is my email address. I love to read and my name is Mindy. My husband and I are huge Beatles fans, and he started singing this version of "Lovely Rita Meter Maid." That's usually too long for usernames, so it became Readermaid on here and on Twitter.
We especially loved Rock-a-Baby Band by Kate McMillan. We are a musical household, so it was perfect for us. We also like Dr. Seuss' ABC. My 13-month-old requests this one a lot.
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