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My DD is two, and people (mostly family) have begun to comment on when we plan to have another. Honestly, we really aren't planning on any more kids, and we say as much. It always really surprises people. Though no one has said anything negative. Some do say that we'll change our minds eventually. I just shrug it off.
Ultimately, I have known too many people who feel stuck in careers/jobs that they dislike/hate because they have to pay off their student loans. I'm grateful that isn't my situation, and I really feel for those are who are in that place. FTR, I went to college and grad school. DH did not go to either. My personal circumstance has changed a lot in the last two years in large part due to the recession. We no longer own a home, we've taken a huge pay cut. At first...
I say go for it. DH and I went to so many concerts during my pregnancy. Towards the end, I was grateful for seated concerts since I really couldn't stand for hours at a time anymore. But it was great. I guess we were afraid we might not get to anymore once we had a baby. Thank goodness that turned out not to be true.....
It isn't about potentially sharing germs for me. Kissing on the lips feels like a sexual thing to me. I completely understand that it doesn't feel that way for everyone, and I don't think ill of those who do choose to kiss kids or other family members on the lips.
Honestly, I expect my mom to take DD to church with her when DD visits my mom. I don't love the idea of DD being exposed to my mom's particular brand of religion, but I wouldn't expect her not to go just because my DD is visiting. But if my mom were to be in my area (too far to attend her church, but plenty of that denomination around here--though not with people my mom would know), I would expect to be informed of any plans to go to church. Though my DH and I are...
I'm in the "kisses on the lips are for lovers" camp. Which is fine for our little family, but extended family on DH's side do kiss on the lips. It's very strange to me as I didn't grow up with it, but I don't say anything about it.
My DD (age 2) is a lot like this. She generally likes to wipe her face/hands while she eats, and she needs to get used to "dirty" activities like playing in a sandbox. She's usually fine with the sandbox, for example, after a bit, but she always has to warm up to the idea, it seems. She is also very particular about putting certain things away or shutting doors/gates behind her. If her sock is just a bit twisted, she has to have us fix it or take it off. My DH is a...
I was a teen services librarian a few years ago, so I saw a few of these types of books pass by my desk. I remember liking the Seventeen Guide to Sex and Your Body. Though it must be awfully old now. I really liked Cycle Savvy for it's discussion of charting and whatnot, but I'm not sure it covered all the topics you're looking for.
I wish I had an answer for you. I'm wondering the same thing.
I'm a wohm, and my DH is a sahd. And what we've learned is that we both absolutely need time for ourselves. I have a really hard time asking for it since I'm gone all day, but it really makes a difference for the whole family when we are all getting our needs met.
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