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You might try the Uglies series by Scott Westefeld. Or Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. There are a couple of sequels to it now...
I liked it a lot actually. I don't have a teen daughter to share it with yet, but I work with children's/teen books professionally. I reviewed it on my blog: http://propernoun.net/?p=461 ... Hopefully the link works. It was very much TCOYF without the FAM stuff. It's great.
We started out using a Diaper Champ, but it didn't last. I don't know if our Champ was defective or if they generally suck. But it kept getting stuck when we tried to slip it. Eventually we got sick of it and just started using an open garbage can. We empty it pretty regularly and haven't had a problem with stink.
We got that comment a lot with DD. She really did seem so engaged almost immediately. More so than other babies I knew. People really picked up on it. Now she is a verbally precocious two year old. She is very much a "people person." She walked on the later end of normal, but has hit most other milestones ahead of time.
We have an Ikea crib and an Ikea bumper, and they are really not very compatible. I think they made the bumpers for one particular crib model. We made it work on ours, but it took some figuring out. The sheets are a standard size, I'm pretty sure.
I'm in. It isn't that I had a difficult pregnancy or labor. Or that DD is too much for me. She's awesome. It's just that I don't feel a need to do it again. I felt done right away, which surprised me. But nearly two years later, I still feel that way. DH is usually okay with having just one, but occasionally laments that we won't have a boy. But he comforts himself in the idea that I'll probably change my mind in a few years. I doubt that I will, but neither of us...
I grew up JW, so I think I can help with some of your questions. 1. I know they do not celebrate birthdays. Should we not invite dd's friend to her parties? I got lots of birthday invites as a kid, and it wasn't a big issue. We sent our regrets, of course. I think that if you send an invitation, you should probably expect either the mom or the child to explain to you why they don't celebrate bdays. I might be tempted to write on the invitation that you know they...
I'm not currently working in the field, but I have my MLS. I think most people tend to get the degree after having worked in a library for a while. I definitely felt at a disadvantage with my only minimal library experience when I was searching for my first job. Currently, it seems like there are more MLS holders out there than there are library jobs. But they keep telling us that there will be a wave of retirements that will change that. Here's hoping! I'd love to...
You might try The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. It has a similar angsty romance thing going on as Twilight. No vampires, but plenty of zombies. I'm not generally a fan of paranormal romance, and I actually quite liked it.
I fell in love with children's book illustrators while browsing the Storyopolis web site: http://www.storyopolisfineart.com/home.php?site=F Some favorites of mine: Alison Jay, Giselle Potter, Maira Kalman, Chris Rashka Someone I know used pages from the book Duck and Goose by Tad Hill to decorate her daughter's room. It went well with the green and yellow theme they had going.
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