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Maybe you could explain the difference between "spitting up" and "throwing up." As in, your LO isn't throwing up because she's full and doesn't need to eat anymore. She spit up because she burped and now her tummy is empty. Maybe he just doesn't know.
I am currently reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Another book you might be interested in is Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris. It's really short, but it is a pretty strong indictment of fundamentalism in America and all the harm it has done. Happy reading
We got a book from the library called Itsy Bitsy Yoga. My DD and I have been doing a few poses most evenings before best, and she loves it. I wish I'd started earlier with her.
We have limited storage and counter space in our kitchen. We are able to fit an IKEA sidebar cabinet in the dining room where we store wine glasses, coffee cups, etc. That helps. For counter space, we put the microwave on top of the refrigerator. It is a little less convenient (esp. because I am rather short) but it helps so much to have it out of the way. We don't have a dishwasher, so we have the strainer out on the counter most of the time as well. We try to keep...
I feel you. I'm sort of in the middle as well. I recently joined a local parenting group (just general, not AP), and it is clear that I am the odd one out. I'm the only one who breastfed at all, for example. But I have a strong feeling that I'd be just as much of an outsider in an AP group. I just look at the group as a learning experience. I just have to decide if what I am learning is going to be practical or in tune with my values or if it is just learning about...
I'm a librarian, and I had to find a job outside of the field too. I actually work two part-time jobs. One is at a very small publishing company, where I do research and editing. And the other is at a library services company, where I consult. Are there any library or education services companies in your area? What about museums? They are sometimes similar to libraries. Good luck!
Hmmm... Having worked in a library where I created a lot of book displays, it occurs to me that perhaps they weren't trying to promote formula so much as just have a prop for the display. I know I was always trying to scrounge up stuff to stick in my displays, and it wasn't always easy. I mean, what kind of prop works for breastfeeding? A nursing bra? A nursing pillow? haha Just a thought anyway...
We just started her on a multi-vitamin that has 400 IU of vitamin D. Now I'm wondering if she should be getting more than that even. I suspected a dairy intolerance in both DD and DH, and I started the family on an elimination diet only to have DD break out in a rash all over. Since the soy milk was the only new thing I introduced, I'm guessing that was the culprit for the rash. We definitely keep refined sugar to the minimum. I do know that she gets waaayyy too...
In my family it is common/expected that you will pierce your daughter's ears as an infant or toddler at the latest. To be honest, I didn't give much thought to it before we had it done. She was four months old. I regret it. I regretted it immediately. She was fine within a minute or so, but I felt ever so slightly traumatized that I had allowed it. If we have another child one day, we'll wait until she asks for it.
Thanks for the input everyone. We are going to start her on vitamins for sure. I am concerned about the possibility of allergies and/or food intolerances tho. If this cough doesn't clear up in 5-7 days (as the dr said that it should), we'll take her back in and I will have a list of questions to send with DH if I can't be there this time. Thanks again!
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