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Thanks! We're looking for....well, probably an impossible combination that doesn't exist anywhere LOL a safe, clean neighborhood where we'd feel safe walking a yard for the kids to run and play close to interesting things to do (family style) farmers markets, shops, library, neat parks/walks, restaurants/cafes, river walk/board walk, nature... hopefully a 3 bedroom rental for 6mo - 1yr in a single family home to avoid apartment living (want kids to be able to roam...
My husband and I have a business opportunity right now and we're planning to move out to the Pacific NW sometime in the next month or two. (Our condo here is sold and we're waiting to close.) The business contracts are spread all over the PNW, so we could pretty much live anywhere we want, within a few states (Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, Washington) We're thinking Portland, but that's not based on much, just that we heard it's a fun city, it's green, crunchy, family things...
The vanilla sounds great! I wasn't sure about using it since I was thinking it would need a preservative (which I don't have), but I have some, so I will try that. Thanks!
Anyone else making body products to give as gifts this year? Please share your ideas and recipes with me! I've been experimenting with homemade products for my own use, and I'd like to try making some nicer ones to share with family members this holiday season...but I need a little help and I'm having trouble finding answers online. I was thinking of making some shea butter body butter and some exfoliating scrub. (and anything else if you have a good idea that is not too...
Really?!? Oh no!!! I've been putting it on my little DS because he's had little teeny blackhead looking pores on his cheeks, and I thought it would help...maybe it's causing it?I use Kiss My Face olive oil bar for my face and body, and I also do the OCM with jojoba and castor oil mix. I've also added a few drops of tea tree oil on occasion to combat breakouts. Now, just need to add something for the wrinkles since I am 33 and I know they're coming!!!
Ah, I see. Our ugly tile is on the floor, so maybe not a good idea, since it will definitely get stepped on and have more wear and tear than walls. Thanks!
I've been told to stay away from gray/cool tones with shiny gold faucets, etc, but I agree that first picture does look nice! I'll check out the Sherwin Williams website. Thanks! Tile paint? That sounds great! Does it work well? I did the Giani "faux granite" mineral paint on my awful kitchen countertops and now they are even more awful because the Giani stuff peeled and chipped everywhere and I haven't had time to fix it (the company was great, refunded all my money,...
Yes, just basic, cheap, off-white tiles (or ivory, light almond...) The shower's plastic walls are also not a true white.I also agree that a stark white would make it look dirty. (well, dirtier than it already is with a baby and a 2yo around! )I wish my bathroom could look French Country! It was done by the original owners and it's pretty low budget for all of the materials.
Our bathroom has gold fixtures everywhere, but we can't afford to replace everything. (Even the shower door trim is bright gold.) There is ivory/light almond color tile and ivory walls badly in need of a coat of paint. What wall color do you think will look okay with all the gold? I've been known to make some bad paint choices and so I could use some suggestions.
This is the one I was thinking of getting. How many inches is yours? What firmness did you get? Did you also buy the foundation? I got my DD a 6" Planet mattress from Organic Grace, and I've been hoping for a sale sometime soon so we can get a new king for our room. Right now my DD has the best mattress in the house!
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