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We have a family of four.  My two daughters are insanely picky eaters so they don't really eat much. And our youngest is autistic so if we go into dine somewhere, we try to leave her with grandma. Which means we don't go out to eat a lot.  She's difficult to take care of.   Fast food (which of course we try to avoid) Under $20 - Chipotle, around $25 Sit down can range anywhere from 30-$70 depending on where we go.  My favorite Texas De Brazil which is very...
My only suggestion would be trying the gluten free/casein free diet.  It does help my 6 year old a little, who mirrors exactly what you said almost 100%.    I don't really want to medicate either.  Although, I've tried and tried and tried until I'm completely blue in the face.  She's in public school (kindergarten) and she's hit teachers, tells everyone no, screams and runs around (not in the "oh im just a kid trying to play" way).  She fights with me all day about...
I TRY (in my mind) very hard to keep it clean.  It's pretty clean about once a month and the rest of the time I keep it just clean enough to keep someone from volunteering my house for an episode of Hoarders.   I'm trying so hard to develop OCD to combat my ADD.  So far, it's not working.
Beer is the devil, honestly.  If you could switch to a dry (er) wine or a hard liquor (tequilla, vodka, gin, rum (not flavored)) that would be far better than beer.    I do drink upon occasion but I stick to wines or hard liquor.   From a weight loss perspective, alcohol is the very first thing your body will burn.  So if you're trying to lose weight, you won't burn any fat or carbs until the alcohol has been removed.  So it can hinder progress.  That being said,...
I have no idea how much your getting but my suggestion would be going really easy on the coconut oil at first.  1/2 tbsp, then 1 tbsp, etc.  Trying to get too much in at once can make you feel puny.  From what I've read on some of my other forums some people are really sensitive to it and need to build up slowly. 
Andy (the guy who said it) is my favorite character because he's an idiot.  The stupid things that comes out of his mouth cracks me up.  My child is how he described too, but I dunno,  knowing his character it just really didn't bother me at all but I can see how someone would be offended by it if that's the only thing they ever heard him say.  
I have mine waxed 2 or 3 times a year and just try to keep up with it in between with the tweezers.  It's usually $10 + tip depending on where I go.  I'm pretty sure I've never paid more than $15.     I've really wanted to go get them threaded but I have crazy bushy man-brows and I'm afraid it will take forever and end up getting them waxed instead.  I tried to the threading at home once after watching a few videos (including the one posted above) but I just...
I haven't used domino but I have several from PimP and I *love* them.  I have a couple of others from different sources and I don't like them near as much as I like the ones from Party in my Pants.   I have several different size ranges including overnight and queen size and they offer plenty of protection at night with my heavy flow.  I want to start making my own but if I ever need to buy more there's no doubt I would buy from them again.
What? Shenanigans!
We are opting out of giftmas this year. And every other year I can get away with it. lol
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