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I'm going to really miss Mystique's awesome splits. I loved how they'd show them in slow motion.
Our DS is named Seamus, a very old Irish name. We love it and it fits DS perfectly, with his red hair and all. We do run into people who pronounce it SEE-mus, which is obnoxious to me, but oh well.
Do you own your condo or rent? Is there someone "in charge" who could hear your side of the story? We live in an apartment (DS is 16 months) and he's loud. Our neighbors with a toddler are loud. The single guy next to us is really loud, late into the night. But whattaya gonna do? That's what it's like living in close proximity to neighbors. Unless you are being super noisy during quiet hours, there's not much you can do. I think your neighbor is overreacting.
I am sick of the misinformation in this country regarding pot use. And yeah, I could care less who smokes pot, Michael Phelps included. It would be one thing if he were using a performance enhancing drug, but I think we all know that pot does not fall under that category. Celebrity worship in general is just so stupid to me, but that's a whole other thread.
Hi there! I am also in the East Bay (Walnut Creek).
I'm from Moscow, ID! Hooray for the internet connection!
We are in Walnut Creek.
Envy! I am so jealous of people who sleep. I'm like a junkie... when can I get my next fix of sleep? :yawning:
Hi all, My name is Rose. I'm a SAHM to my 15 month old DS living in the CA Bay Area. I have been lurking here for a little while and thought I should join. I'm also on KellyMom.com. Anyway, I look forward to meeting all of you! Rose
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