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Sending you love JayJay
have you tried accupucture? A lot of people have good luck with it...
Thats awesome! I will try that... I've been swollen for about 6 weeks now. Its giving me psuedo-carpal tunnel, especially when I try to sleep at night. Boy, men sure get off lucky, dont they?!
Does anyone else have sausage fingers??? I'm retaining soooo much water this time. I dont remember it being like this with DS... I can barely close my hand around my cup of tea, let alone a fork. What a gross feeling. Does anyone know how to reduce the swelling? Are there any tricks???? Dang it, I'm so DONE!
I think I've already cried 4 times today. Can barely type with these fat, swollen fingers lol. Just wanted to commiserate... you are not alone!
Where is the new baby's car seat? In the hallway, waiting to be installed. Why? Because the truck is a FREAKING DISASTER and I dont want to clean it yet! ugh!
I'd like to see them try and figure out how fast you are a dilating if you dont consent to internal exams ;P You are going to need to be stronger than ever to get this VBAC. Sounds like they are not being very supportive. If you're not already doing Hypnobabies, perhaps you should try and keep an Ipod in your ears the whole time you are in there, that way you wont have to listen to what they are saying until you decide you are in the right frame of mind, between...
it's a funny thing, isnt it? We have this fear that something we "do" like thinking its labor, etc, will somehow stop our labor... I didnt realize until yesterday how much I've come to mistrust the labor process. I've caught myself thinking "I'm just going to sit exactly how I am so the contractions keep coming" even though my leg is totally asleep and sooo uncomfortable. Today, I'm working on letting it all go and trusting my body will do its thing without me needing to...
I felt so lame this last week... On two seperate nights, I have woken up thinking I was in labor (HARD contractions, 7 mins apart) from midnight until 4 am. These contractions were accompanied by a backache and nausea, and so strong I actually had to put my Hypnobabies on. I waited until 3am before waking DH so we could clean the house before DS was up, and get things set up, and of course, once he has had 3 cups of coffee, my contrax stop. Two nights later, it happens...
I bought these ones http://www.mamagoddessbirthshop.com/...ling-bath-bags They are like a giant tea bag for your bath Cant wait!
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