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Welcome baby! Great work mom!!!
We travelled 5 hours to rent this vacation home for a homebirth, because my good friend moved here during my pregnancy. She is part of this amazing birthing community, so thats why I decided to have my homebirth here. I have been fortunate enought to be invited to these wonderful events and they even gave me a Blessingway... I do feel TRULY blessed to be here and to know them. One woman I just met last night had me in tears at the party, talking about HBAC, and teliing me...
On a upnote I went to a totally awesome little New Years party yesterday... Every woman there was either breastfeeding (right there, uncovered) or pregnant... It was just what I needed... all the kids running around lugging babies around (and the babies LOVING it). There was like 5 doulas there, and nursing toddlers, and super supportive dads... we did the count down at 9 and then suddenly there was spontaneous drumming and fiddling If my water broke while I was there, I...
sleeping... I'm trying to make up for 16 mos of not sleeping before this baby comes - hahaha yeah right! hot tubbing- trying to keep everything relaxed eating- always seem to forget to do this one... thank heaven for DH! lots of snuggling with DS, because he is about to be a brother! checking our DDC club every 10 mins for births lol
If you are already having bloody show, castor oil can kick things into high gear... It tastes gross but its EFFECTIVE
Consider it done... healing energy sent to your niece, you and your family. Peace.
We had pants on my son for the ceremony... and made it all the way to the kiss with his pants on... I then took his pants off and he finished off the day like that! He has always been pretty reliable (makes us take him OUT of the pool/bathtub so he can pee, and will only poo on HIS potty seat, even if it means holding for two days!) so I wasnt worried We usually just have him in baby legs and a shirt and now in the colder weather he wears underwear. Mostly around the...
for JayJay... I will be excited to read your birth story. Peace to you mama.
Happy Birthday Olivia! Have a restful day mama!
lol about being on top... we were just bumping bellies this afternoon and laughing about it... I dont think I could be on top after another couple of days... my belly is just too big!
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