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Her water broke... and no update! I'm assuming THE BEST IS HAPPENING as we speak
Congrats! Welcome! Happy baby bonding
We used to joke about calling our son "Denton," and that he would be born with a dent in his forehead... but that didnt stop us lol. Unless doc has advised you against it for other reasons, I'd get to it!
You go girl! I hope you can get some sleep Keep us updated!
Welcome sweet baby! Peaceful babymoon to you
Can you spend some time in a hot tub or swimming pool? It seems to give the baby more wiggle room when your belly and bones float, and the water relaxes your muscles... Try some of the spinning babies moves in the hot tub perhaps? You may need a snorkel lol....
the camera batteries!!!! That's why I posted here... I knew you girls would be on top of things!!!
My grandparents always used to leave my brother and I in their motorhome while they ran into the store, etc while we were on vacations. There was one campground we went to every weekend in the summer. When you show up, you have to sign in and get a campsite. Usually we waited for our grandparents to go in and register, but this time we begged to go to the arcade, and they let us. So we go to the arcade, they go and register, and when they come out, the RV is gone... not...
I get all kinds of comments, good and bad, but mostly good. While DS was an infant, I pretty much carried him naked against my mostly bare skin. I usually carried him in the Moby when he was tiny, because I could go topless underneath and no one could tell. Otherwise, I wore a tank and had him in a sling naked. People wouldnt notice unless they actually stopped to talk to me and see the baby, then they would ask questions. DS was a FABULOUS ECer right from the start... we...
I just thought I'd share a pic of EC friendly wedding attire from my wedding this summer.. DS was a year old.... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v3...ina_003402.jpg
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