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go to the no-shampoo mamas (march) or (april) forum, that has a lot of good info.
my husband has really bad psoriosis. are there any natural remedies that have been successful for anyone else??? thanks!!
Quote: Originally posted by Snowy Owl That's so neat...we are planning our second homebirth in our camper too. We haven't moved in yet, but are quite familiar with the mobile lifestyle having done it for two years in Vancouver. I have been wondering what it will be like, how the midwife will handle it etc. Well, it will be the middle of summer and probably in a private rural location, so I will most likely be in a shady pool outside, which dh has expressed...
bruce willis---unbreakable
Quote: Originally posted by MamaAllNatural SSSMommy, thanks for sharing your story. I agree, the difference between hospital birth and homebirth is astounding! I tandem nurse my 3 yo and my 7 mo. You should visit the Extended Breastfeeding Forum. There's a lot of tandem nursers there. There are also a lot of moms who could benefit from your 10 years of experience! (Including me! ) well, one of the things i remember that makes so much difference is...
uma thurman -- bat man
mother4good can i just say that your hubby rocks!!!! i would never be ashamed of his arguing for your rights and your babies' rights that time in the hospital. that is completely cool in my opinion. well that's all i had to say
my name is laura. i had my first son, samuel, in 95 at a hospital, unmedicated until the doctor informs me he is giving me a local to do an episiotomy . i wasn't prepared for that, i wasn't prepared for a lot - i just knew there was no way i was having an epidural and that i was going to breastfeed. those were my only instincts. silas, 97, was born at home and the difference was unreal, it made me realize just how powerful that local anesthetic was with samuel....the...
okay i'm new to this and i think i know how this goes. phantom menace (i'm assuming this is the star wars movie) liam neesom here's hoping i don't look too stupid if all of this is wrong!!!
i just thought of another weird thing, when i was pregnant after getting over my super duper "morning sickness", i craved wet paper towels, not to really eat but to smell and chew on. weird.:
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