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Although I am single, I did have an Asian girlfriend back in college. We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and there were a few stares because we were an unusal mixed race couple (I'm AA) but other than that we have recieve no hostile remarks. Now I live in Atlanta and mixed-race couples are normal here. No one even bats an eye in most areas. Most of them are black men with white women but other types of mixed race couples certainly do exist.
I would only like two or three children. I would consider 4 children under extreme circumstances (ex. I had twins). I grew up in a large family with 5 siblings and I don't want to recreate those chaotic moments for my children
Quote: Originally Posted by knittinanny Welcome, Sohmakun! I see you're from the ATL. I : me some Atlanta! Depending on the library you're nearest to, you might be able to request they buy the books. It's always worth a try. Any chance you have connections to Agnes Scott? Today is CD1 for DP (a total surprise, since he hasn't ever paid attention to when his body does things) so I'm packing him off for CD2-4 bloodwork on Tuesday, and calling up the...
I never had a "feeling" that I was always different from my straight peers. As a child, I never liked boys or girls! I was more interested in playing kickball with all of my friends in my neighborhood. However, as soon as puberty (around 12) hit me I started to noticed that that women were just so beautiful! I tried to come out when I was 13 years old but my parents were(and still are unfortunately) frightfully homophobic! They would never let me around me baby sister (who...
How about this: You = Mama Girlfriend = Mommy Boyfriend = Baba Could that work for you?
I have been vegan for 2 months (vegetarian for almost 4 years) and I'm getting sick of friends and co-workers saying this to me! I became vegan for ethical reasons after reading Empty Cages by Tom Regan. What would/say you do if someone else constantly suggests this option to you?
I like the book Raw Food Made Easy! by Jennifer Cornbleet and Raw Food Real World by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Menlgialis. Both of them are really easy and I love the Raw Food Real World's salsa recipe! Trust me, after you have tasted it you will never buy another jar of cooked salsa again. The Walnut Pate in Raw food made easy is also very delicious too!
Quote: Originally Posted by tigermiep ...dog, cat, cat, cat, cat, turtle, turtle, turtle, tortoise, tortoise, and some fish... Oh my, you have a farm!
If I were in your situation I would adopt a BR child because a BR child will be seen differently (but not necessarily better or worse) than an AA child. I'm AA and I would never asked "what are you" and "are you Black?" However, my Eurasian girlfriend with almond-shaped hazel eyes and brown hair was always asked that.
Hey everyone! I'm haven't read all of the messages but I'm also waiting to TTC. I'm probably going to start the process in about 18 months. In the meantime, I'm trying to educate myself about LGBT parenting but the only LGBT books in my library are sex books for gay men . ETA: I saw the resources sections and most of the books listed my library doesn't have so it looks like I'm going to have to buy them instead...
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