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Hi Dingoes,   Hope it's okay to drop in and even be a more regular member... It's been such a crazy year but we welcomed baby Charlie into the world almost 12 weeks ago and he's such a lovely, lovely boy. I miss you women, though it's lovely to keep in contact via FB.   Anyway, mostly I wanted to pop in and send Poppy lots of love. So sorry I missed this before now.   Can't wait to catch up here.  
I announced it on the chat thread, but baby Charlie (Charles Archie) arrived on October 17th at 11:04pm. He was 7 pounds and 9 oz and born in the water. He is so gorgeous and mellow! I was given cervidil that morning but it didn't do anything but give me constant contractions which weren't doing really anything to my cervix so at 8:30 that evening we broke my waters (I was 3cm dilated) and about 10-15 mins later the contractions started with lots of intensity. I got...
Wow, Icy, congrats! Can't wait to hear your story!   Congratulations, Aggie! Very sweet.
Oh love the name and he is gorgeous!!!!!! Really great write-up, though I am sorry the experience wasn't exactly as you wanted. Happy babymoon, mama.
Hi all, got home today... a few pics! The first one is just after we got out of the tub, the second is of Charlie the next day, and the final one is DS meeting his baby brother for the first time. He was so happy! He loves his little bro!      
Hi all, baby Charlie arrived at 11:04pm on the 17th. He's gorgeous! 7 pounds 9oz and just over 20 inches. Nursing really well. Will write more later but cervidil didn't help at all so at 8:30 in the evening they broke my waters and contrax became very intense very quickly and just over two hours later he was here, born in the water. It was frankly agonizing but also amazing!
Wow, gorgeous babies! Welcome Georgette and welcome baby Issacs! Lovely names all around.   Hope you're all recovering well, mamas.
Under, me too!!!!!!! I'll be 41 weeks on Thurs, which after all this preterm labor is just driving me bonkers. I'm actually being induced on Wed because of high fluid levels and potential lupus-related complications.  Hang in there, mama!   But Micro and Dannic - congratulations, mama! So happy for you all.
Preg! So happy for you, mama! Can't wait to hear about the birth. Welcome, baby!  
Micro and Silly, can't wait to read an update!!! So exciting.   Angel, glad thiings have seemed to shift for you. May it last, mama.   To all the post-date mamas... me too, and miserable, honestly. If I hadn't been dealing with preterm labor I wouldn't have expected to have my little guy now and I think I'd be feeling more patient. As it is I woke up feeling low, had acupuncture (nothing is coming of it yet, except it was very expensive!), had a big argument with...
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