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Hi exercising mamas I had a pretty good weekend with exercise: 60mins on the elliptical on Saturday, 30mins on Sunday plus weights, Monday off, and today 50mins on the elliptical. I'm trying to muster some strength to do some yoga. I've really been neglecting any form of mind/body activity... so, must be more mindful to do some... Tomorrow I plan on heading to the gym for weights and cardio. Zubee
Hi everyone, I'm almost 17 weeks pregnant and have been dealing with all day, all night nausea and vomiting. Somewhat miraculously I haven't lost any weight and have even gained a couple of pounds. But, I have major, major aversions to ALL protein sources. It's been like this for a long time. I'm vegan and cannot even look at beans, tofu, etc., without heaving. In desperation I even ate some dairy thinking that might help. No luck.. I was even sicker. I am already...
Not too much this past couple of days.. Yesterday I just drove by the gym, not even tempted to stop! I walked the dogs a couple of miles, though. This morning I just did 5 k on the elliptical and one set of weights as time was short. Tomorrow I'm planning for 60mins on the elliptical. Have a good weekend, everyone! Zubee
Quote: Originally Posted by lizziemomofalmost4 Went to a 45 minute spin class today. They've started this race day training so for the next two weeks, the classes are sitting the whole time, keeping heart rate at 65-75%. The HR is easy to do and good for being preggo, but the sitting killed me. I have a gel seat but that didn't even help today. I had to keep standing up to run every few minutes. Anyone else here spinning? If so do you wear a HR...
I though that HCG levels WERE part of the 16 week screen. This is what I found: The quad screen is a maternal blood screening test that is similar to the Triple Screen Test (also know as AFP Plus and the Multiple Marker Screening). However, the quad screen looks for not only the three specific substances evaluated in those tests (AFP, hCG, and Estriol) but also a fourth substance known as Inhibin-A. Abnormal hcg levels are indicative of potential problems. For...
I had a good day yesterday was very excited that this is the beginning of the end... Alas, I have been sick, sick all day. I am utterly miserable about it. I even took my max dose of Zofran... and was still throwing up Let's hope this ends for all of us soon. Take good care, Zubee
I absolutely commiserate. I remember writing up my MPhil dissertation. I was in a 9 month programme (I'm English.... the system is different) and I had 18 days to write the entire thing. it was horrifying. My PhD write-up was even worse. I remember sitting in the bath - having just moved to the States at 24 to take my first tenure track job - crying and wailing that I was about to have a breakdown. I really and truly did. it took a MAJOR toll on my mental and physical...
I continue to have very sensitive nipples. Today, after the gym, they were burning.. I was almost crying. taking off my bra and getting into a warm shower really helps alleviate the pain when they're very irritated... I hope it lessens a little bit soon! Take care, Zubee
This thread is so motivating I already feel like I'm gaining some conditioning following a rather sucky first trimester. Yesterday, as planned, an hour prenatal DVD, today just 60mins on the elliptical. I felt too bushed for weights... Zubee
I really, really like all the names! Oliver is very popular but I don't think that's necessarily a reason to preclude it. Talin and Arlo are also really great... As for parents not liking names. Really, it's your choice and I would hope that people would be gracious enough to 'try' and like it... or at least to pretend to! Zubee
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