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Hi everyone. This is my first belly shot... almost at 16 weeks http://usandpoppet.blogspot.com/ Zubee
Checking in is a great idea! Pre pregnancy I was involved in lots of sports - mostly sculling/rowing, cycling, and tennis. I stress fractured my rib sculling before I was pregnant so I was already a bit out of shape... The first trimester was awful. But I'm back to it now. I just joined a gym and have been working out on the elliptical for the first time ever... Since I'm a new gym rat, can someone tell me is the elliptical is an especially effective workout? My...
Hi everyone, I'm a first time mamma, 15.5 weeks along, and I'm looking forward to feeling the little babe for the first time. What should I expect? I have heard that you first feel a flutter... but am not quite sure what that means Also, when did you first feel movement? Cheers. Zubee
I've not been limiting it too much. To my mind dairy and meat are far more problematic... But I have been trying to diversify what I eat. Since I have major aversions to almost all protein sources (especially beans...) I bought some protein powder in the form of hemp and rice powder. My nutritionist and integrative MD reassured me that soy was absolutely fine - especially the less processed stuff (which is what I've mainly been consuming). As for the cholesterol:...
I have major aversions to almost all protein sources. I'm vegan to begin with so this has been tricky. I EVEN tried dairy... It didn't help. I have mostly been craving fruit - sweet apples, in particular, as well as clementines and oranges. Oddly, the fruits I loved before pregnancy - which I'd eat at least 3 times a day such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries - have been largely unappealing. But apples... yummy! oh, yes, potato chips Zubee
I've been seeing a prenatal masseuse since week 7 I'm lucky that my insurance pays (as she's also a physical therapist). I'd recommend them to everyone!! Zubee
Hi all! I'm new to the site. I'm English but currently living in Maine, USA, but I grew up in Devon in a little village called Combeinteignhead just outside of Exeter, and before i moved here I was at University in Cambridge. I'm now pregnant and REALLY REALLY homesick... DH is English, too Zubee
I really like Ava and Noah, but I think both are in the top few names for the past few years. I really like Eden and Evelyn Zubee
This is my first pregnancy and I am a little stunned at the growth of my boobs!! I'm almost 15 weeks and have already gone up a size. I was not small to begin with, and on a small frame I feel rather ridiculous. To make it worse the maternity tops seem to be TIGHT to show everything off. Mercy! I am a little modest and reserved about these things and have bought very large tops, which make me feel like a house. I haven't gained much weight at all because of morning...
I'm not sure about the strengthening uterus part, but we do need more vitamin D, for sure. This is mostly because the baby is leaching our vit D as it develops its bones... Not sure about the Vit C... Zubee
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