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You might try contacting DONEOK (Tulsa area) or DACO (OKC area).  :)  
I know several midwives in that area.  Happy to pass along my recommendations via pm.  Or you could check out the Oklahoma Birth Network website and provider directory:  http://www.oklahomabirthnetwork.com/providers/index-6_mid.html   Regarding your second question.  CPM and other DEMs are not regulated in OK.  There are a couple CNMs in the state who are able to do out-of-hospital births.  There is one in the OKC are who will be starting a practice the first of the...
Maybe give them a call and ask?  
Nice to meet you!  :)  I'm in the Tulsa area.   
Try contacting some doulas in the area.  They can probably help answer your questions.  :)  I'm happy to give a referral if you need one.   
What do you do in the birth field (midwife, doula, CBE)? I am a certified professional midwife.  I also do monitrice care for those having hospital births.    Tell us about how you chose to go into birth work. I knew shortly after my third daughter was born (my first home birth) that I wanted to be a doula.  After our fourth and last child was born I pursued that goal.  I did childbirth educator and doula training in July 2006.  A few months after that I had a...
I use these:  http://www.1cascade.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=2822
I did PEP and didn't think it was difficult at all.  BUT...I was able to get everything done in between changes in the requirements.  So I do agree that the changes in requirements is frustrating for those caught in the middle of them.  Usually though they have a grace period to help those who are just about done.     If you can't afford a MEAC school and ATM isn't going to work out, I highly recommend Via Vita.  Affordable and a great program!!     HUGE ditto!!!...
I passed.    
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